This just in from the “what-can-you-say?” department.

The rhetoric being delivered by the moral reprobates trying to save from execution next week Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the California quadruple murderer and founder of the Crips street gang, is getting even more overheated, hysterical and irrational.

In calling for clemency for the monster who should serve as a walking, talking billboard for capital punishment, Jamal Watkins, western regional director for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, compared Williams to Moses.

I’m not kidding. Moses!

What do Williams and Moses have in common?

According to Watkins, Moses, too, was “found guilty of committing a murder himself. But through rehabilitation, he was able to lead the Israelites out.”

Moses was found guilty of committing a murder? No.

Moses killed an Egyptian slavemaster who was abusing a Hebrew slave. Most people have considered through history that this was a righteous act. There were no charges brought against Moses, who fled from Egypt. There was no trial, no conviction.

He did not go through “rehabilitation.” He had a personal encounter with God, which brought him back to Egypt to lead the children of Israel to the Promised Land.

Has this guy ever read the Bible?

Does he really wish to compare the cold-blooded murderer of two defenseless elderly Taiwanese immigrants, their daughter and a 26-year-old man offering no resistance in two separate robberies over a period of 11 days with Moses?

“Tookie” Williams is that cold-blooded murderer – and even worse. He is an evil moral reprobate, human scum, a cancer within the human race that needs to be surgically removed.

He not only killed four innocent people, he seemed to enjoy it. He boasted about the killings to his friends. The wantonness of his actions revolted even his accomplices.

When the Los Angeles jury convicted him of his crimes, he threatened to kill all of them. While he awaited trial in the L.A. County Jail, he plotted an escape that involved killing other inmates and police officers. He also plotted killing one of his accomplices when he got out, according to his own handwritten notes.

Far from rehabilitating himself, as his groupies suggest, he faced 11 separate discipline actions in prison for serious offenses including throwing chemicals in the faces of two guards.

His notable accomplishment, for which he was inexplicably nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, was writing two books about kids and gangs that no one read! He steadfastly refused to renounce his gang activities or cooperate with authorities in debriefings about the street life.

My fear is that while celebrities and the NAACP are championing the cause of “Tookie” Williams like he is come sort of heroic figure, most Americans, even most Californians, I dare say, really don’t know the truth. There’s a hearing set in California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office tomorrow to review the clemency bid. While the stars and the professional agitators are whooping it up for “Tookie,” Americans, by and large, are unfamiliar with the incredible facts of the case. No one is mentioning his victims! You get the impression from media coverage that it is this homicidal maniac who is the real victim.

But perhaps we owe a debt of gratitude to the fellow from the NAACP. By comparing “Tookie” Williams with Moses, he has managed better than I ever could to show his own moral relativism, to discredit his own organization, to shame anyone and everyone who has embraced this cause to save the life of this hideous, murderous miscreant.

Yes, “Tookie” deserves to die all right. In fact, lethal injection is too good for him. He should be drawn and quartered. He should be hanged. He should be shot like his victims were – in the back. He should be electrocuted during one of California’s famous brownouts. But I’m sure we’ll all settle for execution Dec. 13.

Meanwhile, every Christian and Jew who has supported the NAACP needs to re-evaluate that support in light of the flippant, ignorant statements of its western regional director comparing “Tookie” Williams to Moses.

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