Presidential press secretary Scott McClellan had little to say today when asked about Syria barring WorldNetDaily Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein from entering the nation because, according to two Syrian official, he’s Jewish.

As WorldNetDaily reported, last week Klein, an American citizen whose family has resided in the United States for five generations, had made prior arrangements to enter Syria with talk-radio host John Batchelor and producer Lee Mason. While Batchelor and Mason were given visas, Klein was denied – apparently due to his religion.

After noting the State Department has not taken action on behalf of Klein, WND asked McClellan if President Bush had a reaction to Syria’s religious discrimination.

“We haven’t had a discussion about it,” McClellan said.

Pressed WND: “Surely the president is concerned about this, isn’t he?”

Stated the spokesman: “Les, if there’s more to get to you, I will.”

WND also asked McClellan about Bush’s reaction to Iran’s president suggestion that Israel should be moved to Europe and a U.N. ceremony in New York that included a map of “Palestine” in place of Israel.

“We have a number of concerns about the regime in Iran, and the president of Iran’s comments only further underscore the concerns that we have, particularly when it comes to their pursuit of nuclear weapons,” McClellan said. “We must continue to stand firm in the international community and prevent Iran from being able to develop nuclear weapons.”

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