It was a little after midnight as scores of pro-gang activists gathered in a vigil to honor their hero “Tookie” Williams. I was at this media group-grope at San Quentin prison. As reporters interviewed reporters, I stood watching and waiting for the inevitable nuttiness I knew was going to follow.

Aware of the growing passion amongst those in the pro-Crips contingent, I decided to leave before any unruly mobs could materialize with their threats to run down anyone who didn’t believe in “Tookie’s” innocence.

Williams (whose real first name is Stanley; “Tookie” is his Crips’ gang name that he refused to renounce) was finally put to death early on Tuesday for the murders of four innocent people.

Thank God. And thank Susan Kennedy.

Ironically, justice was served because of the hiring of a liberal, lesbian, abortion-rights activist named Susan Kennedy, a top aide to recalled-Gov. Gray “Electricity Crisis” Davis.

Before watching the lights go out under Davis, Kennedy had served as the executive director of the California Democrat Party.

And with that background and track record of political involvement, you can understand why the world of Republican politicos was rocked a couple of weeks ago when Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he had chosen Susan Kennedy to serve as his top adviser – his chief of staff.

Schwarzenegger’s selection of Kennedy set off a firestorm in the GOP, and with good reason. Consider the reaction of Democrats had John Kerry or Al Gore named Karl Rove as their chief of staff.

Gov. Schwarzenegger already had problems with his conservative base after several missteps during his first term. But the Susan Kennedy appointment was the one that had solidified the backlash against Schwarzenegger by fellow Republicans.

And now Schwarzenegger was in a bind. If he granted “Tookie” clemency, he would have surely turned growing Republican skepticism into a full-blown GOP revolt against him.

Schwarzenegger had gotten himself into this mess when he agreed to grant Williams a hearing to consider sparing him from the death penalty. It was another one of those “I want to reach out to the liberal people of California” gestures that reminded conservatives why they didn’t much like Schwarzenegger in the first place.

Angered victims’-rights groups questioned how Schwarzenegger could possibly consider granting clemency to a man who had founded the Crips gang and murdered four human beings. “Tookie’s” Crips have robbed, raped and murdered thousands upon thousands of innocent victims, destroying whole families and neighborhoods.

When he was convicted of murder, jurors on the Williams’ trial said “Tookie” had looked over toward them, called them “sons of bitches” and threatened that he would exact revenge and, “was going to get all of them.”

No wonder the criminal-coddling liberals love him so much!

The “” website has proclaimed “Tookie” to be, “a great fighter against racism, injustice, and the death penalty.”

They celebrate his stand against the death penalty? Apparently, “Tookie” only supports death by gang-murder, but opposes capital punishment. “Good for him” cheer the soft-on-crime liberal apologists!

Liberals have turned the concepts of “right” and “wrong” on their head. They now are amazingly redefining prison as a resume-booster, like a college degree or a record of involvement with charitable organizations.

Patt Morrsion, who writes liberal witticisms for the Los Angeles Times and delivers liberal invective over the airwaves for National Public Radio, wrote this week that: “Not everyone who goes to prison is Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi … Being sent to prison does not automatically give anyone a leg up the hero ladder.”

Apparently Ms. Morrisson thinks that lots of the time going to prison does make one a hero.

Maybe Ms. Morrisson is unaware of the fact that another Mandela has been involved with the effort to re-write history to demean victims and their families. Winnie Mandela, Nelson’s ex-wife, spent time at San Quentin strategizing with “Tookie” Williams on how to avoid the death penalty.

What a great match, since Winnie Mandela was herself accused of murdering a 13-year-old boy.

The same liberals who are now making “Tookie” Williams into a martyr, demanding a state funeral for a cold-blooded killer, also spawned Susan Kennedy, that far-left, liberal activist who now serves as Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s right-hand woman.

So, did Susan Kennedy kill “Tookie”?

In the Byzantine twists of California politics, the governor denied clemency to Stanley “Tookie” Williams because Schwarzenegger knew he could not survive the hemorrhaging of any more Republican support.

And for that you can thank Susan Kennedy, the woman who was on the watch when the lights went out in California during the energy crisis under Gray Davis.

This time you could say she turned the lights out on “Tookie.”

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