In one of the most deadly phenomena of our time – or any time – Hollywood has produced a film called “Brokeback Mountain,” which glorifies and glamorizes that male sodomy which remains the cause of so many thousands of deaths by AIDS – and now by syphilis.

The Washington Post’s Style section reports (with more than apparent approval) that this latest sodomy-acceptance propaganda has lead the year’s films with seven Golden Globe nominations. And in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco (those three leading AIDS-distribution points) this new movie “opened in five sold-out theaters.”

But the Post also reports: “Many recycled jokes about the film, the most popular being that it ought to have been called ‘Bareback Mountain’ – ‘bareback,’ in gayspeak, is a word for unsafe sex.”

Only in “gayspeak”? Since when?

And what kind of homosexual anal sex is ever safe – even with a condom?

The Post also reported that this film is the story of “two vagabonds whose lifelong affair begins in Brokeback Mountain on a chilly night in 1963. Then they part ways, marry women who don’t know their secret and have children, only to reunite four years later with a deep, fiery, longing kiss that is arguably the most passionate man-on-man kiss to have been put on screen.”

How really uplifting! How marvelously moral! What a glorious contribution to national morality!

How can I possibly resist seeing this inimitable osculatory foreplay to cowboy buggery?

Let me assure you that I shall resist.

And I am compelled to wonder when Hollywood will be producing a cowboy bestiality film – an on-the-range romance of real animal love – but only, of course, with a freely consenting beast.

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