Yes, I suppose I have an affinity for provocative titles, and I’m sure that some will seriously take me to task for daring to make the comparison I’m about to make. Extreme times demand extreme measures, however, and I’ve long-since decided that if I have a job to do here, what people think of me is none of my business.

There are, as the reader may well know, individuals who believe that the Nazi Holocaust that occurred during World War II – and which led to the deaths of millions of Jews and eastern Europeans – never occurred at all … the death camps were movie sets, and the newsreel footage was staged by American generals to demonize the defeated Nazis and engender unwarranted sympathy for those who died, particularly Jews. The reason behind this is usually said to be the “worldwide Zionist conspiracy” to somehow “control the world.”

Those who believe this are generally regarded by the majority of people (at least in the West) to be dangerously deluded, if not outright evil. American Nazis and other white supremacists who proffer these arguments in particular are believed to operate at a moral and philosophical level so ignoble as to relegate them to continued vigilant scrutiny, but little more.

Yet the incremental attainment of power on the part of the Nazis in Germany, their duplicity and their denials during their early days parallels the actions of the Left in recent years to a chilling degree, particularly concerning their vociferous denials with respect to attacks on Christianity.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of the propagandized and politically corrected have taken notice of the Left’s exertions in the area of endeavoring to drive traditional values, religion, and finally Christianity itself from society in the form of attacks on traditions and public laws with bases in Judeo-Christian convention and those who would uphold them.

Washington Post Staff Writer Dana Milbank, in an article published on Dec. 24, said: “Many of the conservative Christian groups that led the fight this year to ban same-sex marriage are sounding an alarm about efforts to block Christmas celebrations.” I think it noteworthy that Milbank draws a parallel between traditionalists’ objection to same-sex marriage and the attacks on their religion – in effect, she validates conservatives’ arguments that these are agenda-driven acts. “Whether the threat is real or a straw man, conservatives have been aggressive this season in citing the danger to Christmas.”

Finally, Christians are beginning to fight back, alarming those who apparently seemed to think that their campaign of intimidation and attrition was going unnoticed. Suddenly, not only those of the “Religious Right,” but previously apolitical commentators and even some liberals began to get on the bandwagon of defending Christianity.

In his Dec. 9 Newsday column, “Peace for Christmas, or ‘the holidays'” Ellis Henican declares: “OK, let me say this right up front so there will be no misunderstanding. There is no war on Christmas.” So is he dull, deluded or complicit? With literally dozens of public controversies over the last few years over the names of cities, public seals bearing religious icons, “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, and lawsuits over Nativity scenes and Ten Commandments displays, what other intelligent conclusion can be drawn?

Franklin Graham, appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes,” on Dec. 15, 2004, stated:

They’re not going to take away my faith, but they are trying to strip it out of our society, which has been a part of our history. And, of course, Christmas not just a holiday season. It’s the birth of Jesus Christ … there are groups in this country that hate Jesus Christ … And they want to do everything to discredit His name, to take His name out of our society.

And it’s not just the American Civil Liberties Union, which many complain is spearheading this effort. I won’t validate them by naming the organizations, but, as Franklin Graham stated, there are indeed groups of Americans who are dedicated to eradicating Christianity completely, if at all possible.

But no, they say: You see, this backlash against the “attack on religion and Christmas” thing is just a fabrication of a handful of right-wing zealots, inflammatory news commentators and radio talk-show hosts – not the 85-plus percent Americans who identify themselves as Christians and see their faith being driven back to first-century, almost criminal status.

To me, that sounds a lot like the pre-World War II assertions that the Jews were the name of Germany’s pain and the postwar contention that the Holocaust was a Zionist fabrication.

Hitler himself declared decades before he was able to actualize his monstrous programs precisely what he intended to do, as many of America’s enemies, at home and abroad, are doing right now.

Editor’s note:

“It’s chillling,” said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “Our nation’s founding religion is being attacked as never before. The Constitution is being twisted out of all recognition, history is being rewritten, and Christian teachings and observances are being shut out and shut up. And while we sit around watching this helplessly, we’re bequeathing a different America to our children. It’s time for people to wake up.”

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