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Limbaugh prosecutor leaving case

Rush Limbaugh

The Florida prosecutor investigating radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh will soon be weighing cases rather than prosecuting them.

Gov. Jeb Bush has announced Assistant State Attorney James Martz has been appointed a Palm Beach County judge, filling a vacancy left after this year’s legislative session.

“He leaves shoes that will be difficult to fill,” state attorney spokesman Mike Edmondson told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, noting Martz was “quite cool, quite calm and quite elated” when told of the appointment.

Martz has been accused by Limbaugh of going on a fishing expedition in his probe of the talk-show giant, especially after Martz’s statement in a court hearing where he said, “I have no idea if Mr. Limbaugh has completed the elements of any offense yet … unless we can ask several pertinent questions.”

As WorldNetDaily reported last week, Limbaugh scored a major legal victory when a circuit judge ruled prosecutors cannot ask Rush’s doctors about his medical treatment and condition or information he shared with his doctors during his care.

The decision could hamper efforts by State Attorney Barry Krischer, a Democrat, to continue his investigation related to Limbaugh’s use of painkillers.

Limbaugh admitted on the air in 2003 he had become addicted to prescription drugs he was taking for severe back pain, and he subsequently took himself off the air while he underwent rehabilitation.

The state has beeen probing suspicions the host had received multiple prescriptions from more than one doctor. Limbaugh has not been charged with any crime.

Martz should assume his new position in January, and his caseload will be turned over to other prosecutors. No decision has been made yet the replacement prosecutor to take over the Limbaugh case.

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