New Years Eve I predicted that something would happen to Ariel Sharon that would facilitate Benjamin Netanyahu to become the new prime minister. Though I am very sorry to hear of Sharon’s massive stroke, it appears that it will facilitate Netanyahu replacing him in the next election.

Sharon’s sudden fall from power has brought alarm to the liberals in Israel who still live in the delusion that giving the Palestinians the West Bank and at least half of Jerusalem will bring peace.

Leftist Israeli journalist and senior fellow at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies Hirsh Goodman described Netanyahu as a man whose policies are diametrically opposed to Sharon’s and under whose leadership the Roadmap “peace” plan would bog down.

Jerusalem News Wire correspondent Stan Goodenough also spotlighted this concern:

And as expressions of concern for Sharon and for the peace process were being aired from the White House to 10 Downing Street and from Paris to Beijing, expressions of consternation and anxiety were being voiced by many “experts” at the prospect of former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu being returned to power in March.

As I warned in my New Year’s Eve message, the United Nations, United States and European Union have all used the Oslo Agreement as a basis to force Israel into indefensible borders by turning over strategic land to them. Israel is being forced to make one-sided concessions to the Palestinians who have not fulfilled even one promise that they vowed to do. They have not disarmed the terrorist groups among them. They have not stopped terrorist attacks against Israel. They have allowed Gaza to become a terrorist stronghold from which they bombard Israel daily with increasingly more powerful and lethal weapons.

No one seems to have a realistic view of Israel’s best interests except conservatives and religious Israelis. They are joined by Bible-believing Christians who believe in God’s unconditional promises to Israel.

As Goodenough noted, “Sharon’s willingness to proceed with the forced removal of his people from their homes in Gaza pushed hundreds of thousands of Jews to prayer. Untold numbers of Christians, too, went to prayer for divine intervention.” It appears that those prayers have been dramatically answered.

Mr. Netanyahu has the clearest overall understanding of radical Islam’s intentions and how to deal with them. In my recent interview with him, he clearly outlined the disasters that the Oslo Agreement and its resulting plans have brought upon Israel. He also cogently set forth the most brilliant analysis of what he would do to set Israel free from the resulting policies that are clearly leading Israel into destruction.

I believe his election will bring Israel back to reality. I believe that Israel’s survival as a nation is quite literally at stake.

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