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Your local SOB sex traffic

The U.S. Supreme Court in Deja Vu of Cincinnati v. Union Township, just let stand local rules requiring strip clubs to close by midnight, based on the communities’ right to restrict hours to deter drinking, prostitution or other problems.

The judiciary seems somewhat torn regarding the “speech” of commercialized sex.

Recall that the Canadian Supreme Court recently joined the Oregon Supreme Court in legalizing live, nude, participatory public sex. Of course, Oregon still has 18 as the legal age of consent whereas Canadian children can be used by age 14 in their local SOBs (sexually oriented businesses).

Typical of these SOB turf battles taking place nationwide, Scottsdale, Ariz., City Council recently voted to stop consumers from pawing totally naked “dancers” in Scottsdale’s SOBs.

Put on “pasties” and dump the alcohol and the mauling, they ruled.

“Draconian!” wailed the rank Arizona Republic.

Like the Canadian and Oregonian Supremes, Arizona’s SOB lawyers bellowed, squalled and whined that SOBs cause no more sex crime than coffee shops.

Of course, rapists, pedophiles and sex murderers commonly cite SOBs and pornography as triggering their sex crimes. Arizona has at least 11,000 registered sex offenders, drawn to local SOBs like the proverbial moth to a flame. Moreover, Arizona’s Internet Sexual Predator Arrest Task Force has arrested hundreds of such child predators in the last few years.

Following are just a few 2005 examples of child pornography and attempts and/or completed child sex-abuse cases:

SOBs proven harmless?


And these are only child-related arrests!

SOBs are directly tied to political corruption.

SOB marketers in San Diego, Florida and Las Vegas were found to have bribed at least one mayor as well as other city council members to legalize their sex traffic.

And, of the “performers” themselves, SOB strippers commonly have traumatic backgrounds. At least 40 percent are substance abusers and 100 percent experience on-the-job physical or verbal assault.

Dr. Mary Ann Lyden of the University of Pennsylvania calls SOBs “an equal opportunity toxin,” damaging performers and their viewers and encouraging sex abuse of spouses and children.

Dr. Doug Weiss, speaking on “Oprah” and “Good Morning America,” treats the men, women and teen sex addicts who now flood and threaten society post the SOB revolution flowing from Alfred Kinsey’s 1948, 1953 bogus sex science.

Sex trafficking is ranked as the most profitable industry after gun running and drugs, aiding and abetting the swelling rates of new and old STDs as well as the 993 percent increase in reported violent crime, 70 percent increase in murder and 416 percent increase in forcible rape (excluding children under 12) from 1976 to 1999.

Beware, warned an SOB lawyer: If the city council gets away with its pasties and “no touch” rule, Scottsdale may outlaw coffee shops because caffeine is bad for you.

However, unlike the frightened, imperiled and endangered SOB “dancers,” body guards are not automatically provided to coffee shop waitresses at closing time.

Well, not yet that is.