It would seem to be the greatest irony of abortion, that the foremost tool feminists say will facilitate women’s equality with men is actually the foremost weapon used to kill them.

It’s another one of those anti-life dichotomies. While abortion proponents in San Francisco were shouting, “You don’t care if women die!” to pro-life marchers last Sunday, abortion proponents in India were slaughtering 1,370 girls via abortion the same day.

“Man”kind’s oldest prejudice is also its deepest, particularly in Third World countries where families have to pay men to marry their daughters.

A study in the Jan. 21 issue of The Lancet reported that at least 500,000 girls are aborted in India each year, “translating over the past two decades into the abortion of some 10 million female fetuses.” In 2001, the ratio of boys to girls born in India was 108 to 100.

It’s worse in China, where the government’s one-child-per-family policy has resulted in a ratio of boys to girls born at 117 to 100. If couples must “choose,” they prefer a son who will carry on the family name and generate income to care for them in their old age.

Mainline feminist organizations like the National Organization for Women are silent on female feticide. To condemn it would be to admit the humanity of female fetuses. As pro-life apologist Gregory Koukl stated, “[I]f you say that female feticide is immoral, by what line of reasoning do you say that male feticide is not also immoral?”

To be fair, I should clarify that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger promoted black genocide, not female gendercide. Still, I doubt Planned Parenthood teaches in their “family planning” classes that killing prenatal girls should not be part of the plan.

That’s because there’s money to be made from aborted baby girls. And since Planned Parenthood makes the bulk of its money from abortion, and since NOW receives the bulk of its donations from the abortion industry, mum’s the word, pardon the pun.

I’ve previously written here and here that the major obstacle for cloning researchers is finding enough eggs to experiment on. There’s also a shortage of eggs needed for in vitro fertilization.

But in 2003, researchers announced they had harvested egg follicles from late-term aborted female fetuses and were able to grow them for weeks.

A baby girl is born with about half a million eggs already formed in her ovaries. Her body will never make more, only mature them. That’s a lot of eggs. Consider that only about 10 eggs are retrieved at a time from an adult female donor after a long, painful, hormonal injection process.

So for several years already, the abortion and feminist industries have been cashing in on the eggs of aborted girls, and because of the burgeoning cloning and embryonic stem-cell industries, the value of those eggs will only grow more golden.

That’s the upside of female feticide.

Meanwhile, a 2002 UNICEF study concluded that 74 million women in South Asia are “simply missing,” with as many as 50 million from India. Sex slave and marriage trafficking in the region is “booming,” according to the Child Rights Information Network.

USA Today reported that by 2020, 40 million unmarried Chinese men will comprise “more than the current female population of Taiwan and South Korea combined.”

USA Today quoted the Chinese magazine Beijing Luntan predicting that “such sexual crimes as forced marriages, girls stolen for wives, bigamy, visiting prostitutes, rape, adultery … and weird sexual habits appear to be unavoidable.”

A shortage of women also leads to aggressive behavior and violence of men.

Thus, the cross-financed abortion, feminist and overpopulation industries are double-dipping on female feticide in Third World countries by making abortion money off of both mother and daughter, while double-crossing those mothers and any surviving daughters by causing their rape and pillage.

Researchers from Britain’s University of Kent found that one way the Chinese government has dealt with male-female disparities in the past was to send those testosterone-laden, angry men off to foreign wars that the government created to give them something to do.

So when it’s all said and done, feminists may be forced to spend their abortion booty on body guards and underground bunkers.

What goes around comes around.

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