College students looking to score some extra dough to pay for textbooks at UCLA lost a potential source of income this week when the head of the Bruin Alumni Association, Andrew Jones, announced he was putting a halt to the group’s offer of $100 for documentation of leftist bias by UCLA professors.

Too bad, for Jones’ actions galvanized international media scrutiny on an issue that needs addressing: the incessant advocacy of liberal dogma in the classroom by college professors.

Jones and his Bruin Alumni Association figured it was about time that someone documented just how revolting the push for leftist political thought in America’s taxpayer-funded universities had gotten.

And the Bruin Alumni Association wisely realized the best way to share their findings with the world was to publish them online.

To stir the pot a bit more, Jones made the decision to offer up to $100 to students at UCLA for material proof of improper conduct by their professors.


The motivation and motives of Jones and the Bruin Alumni Association is pure genius that should be celebrated by America’s conservative leaders.

Instead, some of my fellow travelers in the conservative movement have been less than kind to Mr. Jones, et. al because of the unfavorable coverage of this story from some of the more liberal bastions of the news media.

Former Congressman Jim Rogan, a man who I count not just as a respected conservative, but also a personal friend, angrily resigned from the Advisery Board of the alumni association saying he was “uncomfortable to say the least with this tactic.”

Los Angeles-based radio talker, Al Rantel, who is another friend and fellow conservative working for the same radio network as I do, also resigned, saying that, “it looks like a bunch of crazies who were trying to go after innocent professors, which certainly wasn’t what I supported.”

With all due respect to my good friends and fellow conservatives, they’ve missed the boat on this one and done a great disservice to the Bruin Alumni Association.

For decades, conservatives have mashed their hands together in never-ending frustration over the fact that such a liberal faculty dominated America’s publicly funded colleges and universities.

We’ve whined and moaned about the fact that it was an offense to the taxpayers of America that they were forced to pay the bill for what has essentially become the recruiting campus of the Democrat National Committee and liberal political action groups like And yet, despite all of our complaining, there hasn’t been much “the Right” has done about it.

While parents took the initiative to start the homeschool movement to counter liberalism in K-12 education, the best rebuttal we’ve offered at the university level was Hillsdale College in Michigan.

While a great school, Hillsdale alone isn’t enough to educate all of America’s undergrads.

And so that takes us back to Andrew Jones and the Bruin Alumni Association.

Their website has collected a treasure trove of information that ought to be made public, so parents know what kind of professors are employed at the schools they contemplate sending their children to.

Like UCLA, “Philosophy of Education” professor, Douglas Kellner, who as a member of the “University of Texas Progressive Faculty” group, co-hosted a cable access program that made allegations of wrongdoing by President George Bush. They included warped fantasies involving subversive activities with the CIA and the Mafia, and up-until-now secret ties between the Bush family and the Nazi party of Germany. That must make for one interesting family reunion at the Bush residence given Michael Moore’s assertion that the Bush family is secretly in cahoots with Osama bin Laden’s clan as well.

The website also includes a profile on Chicano Studies Professor Juan Gomez-Quinones, who co-wrote a thesis on the proper role of Hispanics in America today. According to Gomez-Quinones, a Hispanic living in the United States who assimilates as an American instead of identifying with their Mexican heritage “is a person who lacks self-respect and pride in one’s ethnic and cultural background.” He insists that, “students must constantly remind the Chicano administrators and faculty where their loyalty and allegiance lie.” Apparently, that loyalty and allegiance is not to the United States of America.

The list of offensive professors and their history of egregious behavior goes on and on, and its all documented at the UCLAProfs website – and it should be.

Parents have a right to know what they are paying for – and so does the American taxpayer.

If these college professors are so uncomfortable with the light of public scrutiny, then this should serve as a signal to them that they know deep down inside that their attempts to use public universities as political recruiting tools for the American Left is shameful, improper and inappropriate.

The focal point of this entire episode should be on the shameful conduct and actions of a large segment of academia today. Blaming the college students who document such behavior is simply shooting the messenger.

And unfortunately that is what conservatives like Congressman Rogan and talk-show host Al Rantel have done. They’ve helped the liberal media to silence the few people who had the nerve to step up and speak out and take the heat for doing something to correct a problem

And that’s a horrible message to send to a group that is finally taking action to raise debate over an issue that the conservative movement has not satisfactorily addressed despite decades of abuse.

Well, no more. I encourage you to contact the Bruin Alumni Association and ask them how you can help. Maybe they need financial contributions. Maybe they want to spread their efforts to other campuses and would welcome help to start new chapters. Maybe they just would appreciate reading a friendly note after all the grief they’ve endured.

You can e-mail the Bruin Alumni Association at: [email protected]

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