Mamadou before operation.

Mercy Ships, the ministry that brings medical miracles to needy people around the world, has saved a baby boy on the brink of starvation due to a cleft palate.

Jenah’s 8-month-old son Mamadou was emaciated and on the brink of death when he was brought onboard a Mercy Ship docked in the Conakry Harbor, Guinea. His cleft palate made him unable to take in food. Under the nurses’ care, he gained enough strength to undergo surgery. The Mercy Ships’ surgeon safely repaired his cleft lip and palate, a procedure Jenah could not otherwise obtain or afford.

Mamadou after surgery.

Mercy Ships International is a fleet of hospital ships staffed with a volunteer crew of doctors, nurses and support who treat the world’s poorest of the poor – removing tumors, correcting cleft palates like Mamadou’s and doing other medical procedures – for absolutely no charge. But they cannot do it alone. By becoming a “Shipmate,” your support will help save lives – and will deeply impact your own life in the process.

Please consider helping Mercy Ships today. Become a “Shipmate” and transform one more precious life..

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