As the so-called mainstream media continue to inundate our nation’s young people with messages and images glorifying sexual immorality, a new movement encouraging teens and adolescents to remain sexually pure is gathering steam.

It’s called the Day of Purity, and it takes place each year on Feb. 14. This year, Liberty University and Liberty Christian Academy are participating – along with thousands of other schools and organizations – in this important campaign.

Mathew Staver, president and general counsel of Liberty Counsel – which originated the Day of Purity – believes it is high time to encourage young people to remain sexually pure and resist the popular media messages that tell young people that sex is virtually expected behavior for them.

Mr. Staver initiated the Day of Purity to allow young people who choose to remain chaste to have a national organization that will encourage their efforts. In addition, he wanted to illustrate the dark options that await those who launch into sexual experimentation.

The alternative to sexual purity should frighten everyone, says Staver.

He points to recent studies showing that one teen every eight seconds is infected with a sexually transmitted disease. One HIV-support advocacy organization reports that in 2005, 2.3 million young people under the age of 15 contracted HIV. Further, between 1994 and 1998, the rate of HIV among teen girls rose 117 percent. And in 2000, one in 8.5 teen girls (in ninth through 12th grade) who have had intercourse became pregnant.

Staver says that, given the devastating consequences of choosing sex outside a monogamous marital relationship, everyone should wholeheartedly support youth who are willing to make the commitment to sexual purity.

The Day of Purity offers youth the opportunity to make that commitment. Each year, more and more students and organizations around the world have joined in the effort to spread the potentially life-saving message of sexual purity. This year, more than 600 organizations and people from nine foreign countries have expressed support for the Day of Purity.

Extreme pressure

Liberty Counsel has gathered information showing that some schools in our nation are actually encouraging students toward sexual experimentation.

The organization discovered one freshman health text that told students: “Testing your ability to function sexually and give pleasure to another person may be less threatening in your early teens with people of your own sex. … You may come to the conclusion that growing up means rejecting the values of your parents.”

It is apparent that there is a battle for the hearts and souls of our nation’s children.

The Day of Purity website allows anyone to download a planning manual along with informative flyers on a variety of topics, order Day of Purity T-shirts, review startling statistics concerning the effect of early sexual activity and link to other valuable resources. On the Day of Purity, youth are encouraged to hand out flyers and wear clothing expressing the abstinence message.

Staver says the Day of Purity is a great way for parents and their children to talk about sometimes tough issues.

“The great news is that parental support makes a difference,” he says. “A 2001 national survey reveals that 37 percent of teens listen to their parents in deciding whether to have sex.”

That’s as important a message as I can imagine. I encourage all my friends to visit the Day of Purity website to learn how you can inspire your children and grandchildren to preserve their innocence.

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