Editor’s note: Dr. Tom Snyder contributed to this column.

I got home just in time to tune into the final half hour or so of the Grammy Awards, and what is the first thing I see? A bunch of wild white and black people cheering and pumping their occasionally tattooed arms, while a bunch of African Americans in silly-looking band uniforms and other outrageous costumes dance haltingly to some inane, atonal rap music that made no rational sense whatsoever!

Apparently, the pseudo-intellectual, limousine liberals in the music industry aren’t satisfied with having ruined black American and black Christian culture, they now want to ruin white culture too.

In the famous story “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” a clever tailor pretends to make clothes for the tyrannical emperor. But, when the emperor parades naked in the streets, all the people cheer because, well, he’s the emperor and he must know what he’s doing!

Apparently, in today’s leftist-oriented music industry and today’s American popular culture, if you’re an avant garde musician, you can do nothing wrong, no matter what, just because you’re an iconoclastic liberal or leftist who hates traditional American culture and Christianity.

When the groups had departed the stage, the next thing I saw on the Grammys show was some pale, vacant-looking white woman sitting next to the leader of the Grammy winning, leftist band Green Day with ugly tattoos draping her chubby upper arms.

What is happening to my beloved country? Why are we letting these nutcases run the asylum that is seriously called “the American music industry”? Where’s the industry? What’s so American about it? And, please tell me, where did the real music go?

Excuse me, people, if I don’t go along with this mindless, Afro-fascist, homo-fascist, and neo-Marxist pagan programme of mindless indoctrination!

In the famous, trend-setting 1968 movie starring Charlton Heston, “The Planet Of The Apes,” Heston’s character screams from his cell while a talking gorilla fires a water hose on him, “It’s a madhouse! A madhouse!”

Well, America has become a madhouse today, my friends. Welcome to the madhouse!

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