What would you say about a former vice president of the United States, a candidate for the presidency, who lies about “terrible abuses” against Arabs by his country while addressing an audience in Saudi Arabia?

That’s what Al Gore did last weekend. And he did it during a time in which the Arab and Muslim world is already enflamed against the U.S. and the West because of the Muhammad cartoons.

What would I say about Al Gore? How would I characterize him? Here’s what I would say in a wholesome forum like this:

  • He’s irresponsible.

  • He’s a traitor to his country.

  • He’s a congenital liar who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the backside.

  • He’s an enemy of the American people.

  • He’s unworthy of American citizenship, let alone the high offices he has held and aspired to hold.

  • He needs a keeper.

  • He’s producing enough hot air to make his doomsday predictions about global warming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • He’s one coconut short of a pina colada.

Gore actually claimed Arabs had been “indiscriminately rounded up” and held in “unforgivable” conditions following Sept. 11.

“The thoughtless way in which visas are now handled, that is a mistake,” Gore said during the Jiddah Economic Forum. “The worst thing we can possibly do is to cut off the channels of friendship and mutual understanding between Saudi Arabia and the United States.”

Gore told the largely Saudi audience, many of them educated at U.S. universities, that Arabs in the United States had been “indiscriminately rounded up, often on minor charges of overstaying a visa or not having a green card in proper order, and held in conditions that were just unforgivable.”

“Unfortunately there have been terrible abuses and it’s wrong,” Gore said. “I do want you to know that it does not represent the desires or wishes or feelings of the majority of the citizens of my country.”

Despicable, treacherous, seditious, inciteful – that’s what Gore’s speech was.

Let me tell you the truth about what happened in America after Sept. 11 – from the perspective of an American of Arabic ancestry.

I have seen no evidence – none whatsoever – of any official discrimination against Arabs or Muslims since Sept. 11. Al Gore is repeating the anti-American lies of the self-proclaimed Arab-American “leaders” who serve only as apologists for tyranny and terrorism.

That’s right. I am an “Arab-American.” I have an Arabic surname. I look Middle Eastern. I travel extensively. I meet lots of people. Not once before or since Sept. 11 have I ever been the target of any discrimination whatsoever from any American.

Could I possibly be such a rare exception? I have lived on this planet for 51 years. Could I be missing something? I don’t think so.

What does Al Gore know that I don’t know? If he’s got specific examples of harassment of Arabs in America, why doesn’t he go to the proper authorities in this country and bring some charges? Doesn’t the former vice president know how to do that? Or isn’t it worth his time to correct these alleged human-rights abuses? Does he prefer to curry favor with Saudi oil sheikhs in foreign countries by telling them what they want to hear?


There is no excuse for what Al Gore did this week in Saudi Arabia. It’s beyond shameful. It’s beyond sedition. He is inciting more terrorist attacks on America – providing the very excuses and cover these animals welcome.

This man is not suitable or worthy to be a dogcatcher in America.

He is a disgrace to this wonderful, tolerant bastion of freedom and pluralism.

Imagine going to a foreign country where it is illegal for Christians and Jews to live and worship and decrying phantom human-rights abuses in America!

That’s what Al Gore did.

Imagine going to a foreign country where it is illegal for women to drive and decrying phantom human-rights abuses in America!

That’s what Al Gore did.

Imagine going to a foreign country that was responsible for most of the manpower used in the Sept. 11 attack on America and decrying phantom human-rights abuses in America!

That’s what Al Gore did.

Imagine going to a foreign country that provided much of the funding for the Taliban hosts of those who attacked American Sept. 11 and decrying phantom human-rights abuses in America.

That’s what Al Gore did.

Imagine gong to a foreign country that still, to this day, aids the worst Islamo-fascist terrorists in the world and decrying phantom human-rights abuses in America!

That’s what Al Gore did.

Important postscript about Al Gore and WorldNetDaily:

Back in the presidential election year of 2000, WND set out to give the nation a small taste of the widespread, institutionalized political corruption that spawned the career of Al Gore.

The result was a monumental 18-part series that some Tennessee observers credited with costing the vice president his home state and the electoral votes he needed to win the presidency regardless of the controversy in the state of Florida.

But it was also a costly series for this news organization.

For the last five years, WorldNetDaily has been defending itself, at great cost, against a $165 million defamation lawsuit filed by Gore’s top fund-raiser in the state, auto dealer Clark Jones.

Jones, who had raised more than $100,000 for Gore’s campaign and, sources say, frequently bragged to other Tennessee businessmen about his close links to Gore, was reportedly humiliated by Gore’s loss of his home state, which cost Gore the election.

“I don’t think it’s an accident that the No. 1 independent Internet newssite was targeted by powerful and wealthy friends of the losing presidential candidate – and that the suit pertained to an investigative series that may well have cost that candidate the Electoral College votes he needed for victory,” I said at the time. I stand by that comment today.

Understand that this lawsuit would be dropped in a flat second if Al Gore wanted it to be dropped. Understand also that WND did nothing wrong and libeled no one in the publication of this exhaustive series.

Nevertheless, as this costly lawsuit continues, our only recourse is to fight it every step of the way. If you would like to help us offset the enormous legal costs involved in the defense of this high-profile First-Amendment case, you may make a donation online to WND’s Legal Defense Fund online, or by calling WND toll-free at 1-800-4WNDCOM, or by mailing a check – made payable to WorldNetDaily Legal Defense Fund – to:

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