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New song: VP was on a 'homo' hunting trip

Jill Sobule

Jill Sobule, the singer who had a “lesbian-chic” hit with “I Kissed a Girl” in 1995, is now taking aim at Dick Cheney with a satirical song suggesting the vice president was hunting with a male companion as part of a homosexual love story.

“I sorta took a Brokeback approach,” said Sobule, referring to “Brokeback Mountain,” the recent film about homosexual cowboys in love.

Sobule had her friend Robin Eaton actually sing the song, to make it more “manly.” (Click here to listen to the song).

On her webpage, the singer makes it clear she is personally amused by the weekend shooting which left Cheney’s friend Harry Whittington hospitalized after being peppered by the VP with birdshot.

“There is so much in the news that leaves one feeling glum and glummer. But why does the story about Cheney’s hunting incident give me so much pleasure?” she notes.

Some of the lyrics of the song, which concludes with the sound of a gun blast, include:

Harry Whittington, you better run, I’m counting up to 5
Harry Whittington, what have you done, you shouldn’t have told the wife.

We’ve been coming here for 30 years
They thought it was for doves
But it was for love
Sweet, sweet love

Online reaction from those who have heard the song runs the gamut from high praise to severe derision:

  • That is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time!

  • Cute idea. But not especially witty. Keep trying. Hatched prematurely perhaps.

  • I’m all for looking at the comedic side of this story, but the song just isn’t funny. Maybe you ought to leave the comedy to Stewart, Leno and Letterman.

  • Simply just jumping on another bandwagon for the sake of career visibility is a bad idea. The song is really bad.

  • Why besmirch a beautiful story and even more beautifully made film by connecting it with our —hole VP?

  • OK, let me get this straight. A gay/bi artist (Sobule) writes a song attempting to damn/ridicule Dick Cheney and his lawyer friend Whittington for being gay lovers as well as hunting pals. … Sorry but I think the author of “I Kissed a Girl” needs to resign her position as lesbian poster child for that one.

    Sobule has no love loss for the Bush administration, as she also wrote another song suggesting President Bush would have done the country a favor if he remained in his baseball management career, instead of getting into politics:

    If George had stayed in baseball, and really lived his dream
    Became the great commissioner; we wouldn’t be in this mess
    God bless the old U.S.,

    Put him in the Hall of Fame
    Out of the house of shame
    Get George Bush out of the White House and
    Put him in the Hall of Fame

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