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Christians counter homosexual 'Day of Silence'

High-school students nationwide will take part in a “Day of Truth” to counter homosexual activism and peacefully express a Christian perspective.

During school hours, students will wear “Day of Truth” T-shirts and pass out cards, said the Arizona-based public-interest group Alliance Defense Fund, which is sponsoring the April 27 event.

Outside of class time, the students will present the following message:

I am speaking the Truth to break the silence. Silence isn’t freedom. It’s a constraint. Truth tolerates open discussion, because the Truth emerges when healthy discourse is allowed. By proclaiming the Truth in love, hurts will be halted, hearts will be healed, and lives will be saved.

Alan Sears, the ADF’s president, CEO and general counsel, said the event provides an opportunity to express a different perspective than the “Day of Silence,” a campus activity, he contended, that promotes a radical homosexual agenda.

The ADF offers assistance to students who initiate the “Day of Truth” at their schools.

“In the past, students who have attempted to speak against the homosexual agenda have been censored or in some cases punished for their beliefs,” Sears explained. “It is important for students to stand up for their First Amendments right to hear and speak the Truth.”

The “Day of Truth” will be held on the day after the “Day of Silence,” promoted by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educational Network, which asks students to remain silent for an entire day to express their support for the homosexual agenda.

“The First Amendment allows for open discussion,” Sears argued. “Allowing students to have a ‘Day of Silence’ without allowing them to have a ‘Day of Truth’ limits free speech and the free exchange of ideas, which then limits their ability to make informed decisions. Placing limits on student free speech ultimately places limits on learning.”

The “Day of Truth” was launched last year, with more than 350 schools participating.

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