An organization opposing Islamic extremism announced yesterday it will sponsor two rallies – one in New York City and the other in West Los Angeles – to protest the Bush administration’s approval of a deal that would put the operations of six major U.S. ports in the hands of a state-sponsored company from the United Arab Emirates.

The United American Committee believes President Bush should reconsider his support for the deal that has Dubai Ports World buying out London-based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.

“Would we have allowed the sale of our ports to a Japanese Imperial-owned or German Nazi-owned company during World War II?” United American Committee founder Jesse Petrilla said in a statement. “We have heard from our politicians; now it’s time that we hear from the people of America.We need to send a clear message to our president that Republicans and Democrats alike agree that this sale goes greatly against the best interest of our nation and its people.”

The rallies are scheduled for March 4 at noon Eastern time at West 42nd Street and West Side Highway in Manhattan, and at noon Pacific time at 11000 Wilshire in West Los Angeles.

“The United Arab Emirates is a government which has been far from cooperative in the war on Islamic extremism,” the UAC stated.

The organization encourages Americans who are not near either rally location to hold their own protests.

Said Petrilla: “The people need to stand up and demand that the government address the will of the citizens to stand against our enemies before it’s too late – before one of those cargo containers comes through with a nuclear bomb inside.”

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