Two Greenville, S.C., businessmen, concerned over the Bush administration’s plan to contract out port operations to the United Arab Emirates, have created a new organization, Save Our American Ports.

Thomas Gonick, one of the two, said he took the action because he “would like to see this country survive another generation.”

“Our best chance is to raise a loud, uniform and widespread voice,” Gonick says.

He envisions the website developing into a clearinghouse of ideas and resources in the days ahead – hosting a forum of reader postings, quotes from elected leaders on the issue, contact information of members of Congress and more.

“People are speaking out on this one,” he said. “Members of both parties are reluctant to see our nation’s ports under control of a state-owned entity of a small Middle Eastern country with a woeful record of terrorist-related activities.”

Gonick hopes the message on his hard-hitting sticker – Not just no, but hell no! – will catch on with dock workers.

“We’d like to see them on every dock worker’s hard hat and just plastered all over,” he says. “We’ve got to get the message out.”

Gonick launched the website over the weekend.

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