With the abortion debate in focus following South Dakota’s new law challenging the Roe decision, a new poll finds 55 percent of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong most of the time.

Just 32 percent disagree, according to the survey by Rasmussen Reports.

Americans under 50 are slightly more likely than their elders to believe abortion is morally wrong, the poll found.

As WorldNetDaily reported, South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds signed into law Monday a highly restrictive bill aimed ultimately at overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, banning abortion in nearly every case and punishing doctors who perform one with a $5,000 fine and five years in prison. It allows abortion only in the event a mother’s life is in danger, making no exception for rape or incest. The legislation is expected to be held up by court challenges, however.

The Rasmussen study found three out of five Americans, 61 percent, know someone who has had an abortion. Among those people, 55 percent believe the procedure is morally wrong most of the time.

“This fact suggests that many Americans are faced with the emotional complexity of an issue that activists on both sides want to paint in simplistic, theoretical terms,” Rasmussen comments.

The survey also revealed 47 percent of Americans believe it is too easy for a woman to get an abortion in the U.S. Just 21 percent say it’s too hard, while 21 percent believe the balance is about right.

Among respondents who believe abortion is morally wrong most of the time, 74 percent think it’s too easy for a woman to get an abortion.

Among those who accept abortion morally, 49 percent believe it’s too hard for a woman to get an abortion.

“The fact that a solid plurality of Americans believe it is too easy for a woman to get an abortion helps explain the strong public support for legislation mandating waiting periods before an abortion and other limitations that stop short of an outright ban on the procedure,” Rasmussen says.

The poll found only 50 percent of Americans have followed news stories about the legislation passed in South Dakota and just 21 percent are following the issue very closely.

A Rasmussen survey in South Dakota indicated the state’s voters are evenly divided on the issue, with 45 percent in support of the ban and 45 percent opposed.

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