A new directory of pro-life businesses officially launches on the Internet today, hoping both to connect consumers with like-minded businesses and generate money for pro-life causes.

ProlifePages.com offers Web surfers means to search for businesses by state, zip code or keyword.

“Prolife America has long needed a mechanism that could help get pro-life people on the same page, on the local and national level,” said Steve Sanborn, ProlifePages president, in a statement. “A great way to aid that process is by focusing on what we already do as consumers and product and service providers.”

Sanborn says the company’s plan is to lead its audience – 55 percent of the nation, he says – to the directory while collecting “modest annual fees” for business listings.

“The vision is simple,” says Sanborn. “It’s someone needing new windows for a home, or a new car, or financial advice for investments or any of the everyday products and services we all want and need over and over again. Connecting with like-minded businesses can make a major difference for pro-life efforts.

“ProlifePages offers a beginning for changing how and where pro-life consumers look for the products and services they need – and how businesses view the power of the pro-life market. The connections are already there, they’re just not neatly arranged in an accessible online list for the world to see and share. That’s what ProlifePages.com is for.”

All company profits are donated to support pro-life charitable organizations – a fact Sanborn believes will be a strong incentive for Americans who oppose abortion to use the directory.

Said Jack Cashill, WND columnist and executive editor of the Midwest business magazine Ingram’s: “The pro-life majority has a tremendous amount of potential. This is a great way to capture that potential and turn it into something defined and effective.”

Noted Sanborn: “Fortunately, many pro-life consumers seem to know where not to shop, but there’s not much out there to tell us where to shop and whom to do business with.”

Revenue generated by ProlifePages.com will be distributed via the ProlifePages Charitable Fund to pro-life charities, particularly those that counsel expectant mothers, provide or wish to provide ultrasound services and work with adoption.

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