Conservatives may be scorned by liberals, but black conservatives are most worthy of their contempt. Black conservatives are fair game because we dare to stand apart. We dare to take positions that offend liberals and then fight for them. There is no flip-flop in Dr. Rice, Justice Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, or Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, and you will be waiting a very long time for me to flip-flop for the sake of convenience. We dare to challenge leftist bigots who pat the good little “hyphenations” on the head for doing as they are told.

For all of their bravado, can you point to a more emasculated group than the Congressional Black Caucus? They may boast a game of defiance, but they are controlled to the point that they must stand by silently and watch millions of unborn black children be murdered. If they do not, they risk the wrath and disenfranchisement of their liberal handlers. Now I ask you: Who are the real house slaves? Black conservatives are a threat to liberals because we remind them of their racist past.

Being black for us is not a cause celebre to plumb the deepest depths of filth, debauchery and victimhood. Most liberal blacks resent us – not because they have it so bad as such, but because they perceive us to have it so much better than they do. Prisoners recognize freedom when they encounter it, even those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Blacks have been inculcated with a welfare mentality, even to the point that even many successful blacks expect and demand handouts. They are unable to see their success outside of the context of this inbred mentality of failure and second-class citizenship. And they hate us for not investing in same.

Consider Spike Lee, who enjoys watching the New York Nicks from his $100,000-plus courtside seats in Madison Square Garden – yet he attacks Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, calling her a loser. The very things that enabled this diminutive, pigeon-toed, filmmaker (who could have been a somatologist’s prize find in another time) to be successful are also evident in Dr. Rice’s life – a two-parent home with an emphasis on education, a desire for a meaningful career and a willingness to work hard at honing, refining and applying their talent.

Lee’s movies weren’t produced because he is black, they were produced because they were better than others. Dr. Rice hasn’t served three presidents because she is black – rather, it is because she is the best at what she does.

But Lee didn’t see the value in lecturing about how to produce marketable movies. He didn’t see the value in speaking about how to get into the movie industry, or how to focus one’s vision. Nope, he took advantage of a teachable moment to attack the secretary of state as a loser. A conservative black would not have wasted such an opportunity, yet we are accused of not giving back.

When Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo., called Justice Thomas an abomination, liberal blacks were silent. When the leader of Salazar’s country of origin, Mexico’s Vicente Fox, referenced blacks as unwilling to do work illegal Mexicans would do – Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton led the outcry against what they, and other liberal blacks, viewed as racist comments – because (as they suddenly and only for that moment realized) more whites than blacks are in poverty.

When Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., lauded the cross burning former Klansman Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., the Congressional Black Caucus sat like motionless bobble-headed dolls. When Trent Lott, R-Tenn., made jocund statements about a 100-year-old senator at his birthday party, these same blacks insisted, at the instruction of their handlers that Lott go on a genuflection-and-grovel tour, apologizing and professing his love for “hyphenated peoples.”

This is pure hypocrisy, but it is exactly what it takes for black liberals to keep their liberal meal tickets happy – which brings me to another reason we are hated. Black conservatives are reviled because we are free. Those of us who are not program and handout oriented are truly free. We are able to enjoy our successes, and being Americans guilt free.

But it is worth noting that there lurk within our ranks impostors – those who claim to be conservative only because they are refused a seat at the liberal table. They whine they aren’t given the same chance everyone else is. They attack people like the Rev. Peterson and Ward Connerly.

They are not interested in what Reagan conservativism stands for – they are interested in monikers for what they perceive as personal gain – not because they are committed to sustaining Reaganism.

Black conservatives not only suffer attempts at insult by the trolls of liberalism, we also must be aware of those who feign commitment while secretly undermining conservative values.

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