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'Brokeback' boy
back on campus

A high-school student who produced a film for a class assignment that included two boys in bed together is back on campus today as the administration rescinded what the young man considers an expulsion after he received media attention for his “Brokeback High” project.

Brandon Flyte of West Linn High School in West Linn, Ore., says he produced the film, which is based on the Hollywood film “Brokeback Mountain” but set in a high school, for an English class assignment. According to the boy’s website, on March 3, he showed his film to his Marine Biology class. On March 6, he was called into a meeting with three vice principals and told he was being transferred to a local community college to finish out his senior year.

2 scenes from ‘Brokeback High.’

Flyte also claims the administration told him he would have to edit out the homosexual bedroom scene for the showing in his English class.

“One has to wonder if any of this would’ve happened had the two characters snuggling in my film been male and female,” Flyte writes on his site. “We’re led to believe that diversity is encouraged in schools, but when a 17-year-old straight kid makes a serious gay love story and is expelled for it, it just begs the question of exactly what kind of policy was the administration following.”

Flyte says he was called into another meeting Monday where administrators stressed that the action was not an “expulsion,” but that, considering his spotty attendance record at school, it was thought a transfer would be best. Even so, the officials relented and will allow Flyte to stay at West Linn and graduate this spring if his grades and attendance record are acceptable, the student says.

“The school insists that my ‘transfer’ was never the result of homophobia,” writes Flyte.

“West Linn High School has accepted me back to finish up my senior year with my friends, and for that I’m appreciative.”

Since Flyte has written about the incident online, homosexual websites and local TV stations have covered his story.

A poster on BlueOregon.com says the hoopla over the film is overblown.

“I just thought it was funny that on the one place that had the story on this there were right-wingers calling it porn,” wrote Jenni Simonis.

“At no point is there any sex. There is some snuggling and you see bare male chests, but porn? I don’t think so. We saw more in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ when we watched it in school – and we never had to have a permission form filled out.”

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