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Sioux tribe plans to scalp its own

The Oglala Sioux Tribe in South Dakota plans to blow smoke at the abortion ban signed into law earlier this month that would outlaw all abortions in South Dakota except to save a mother’s life.

Should the ban survive court challenges, Oglala president Cecilia Fire Thunder has vowed to “personally establish a Planned Parenthood clinic on my own land which is within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Reservation where the state of South Dakota has absolutely no jurisdiction,” according to NativeTimes.com.

Meanwhile, though it is doubtful whether or not doctors on reservations are exempt from murder charges, NT.com writer Tim Giago called the abortion ban “stupid.”

Sorry, chief, stupid is as stupid does.

Stupid is blaming the white man for annihilating a large portion of one’s people while boxing up the rest and then inviting the white man into the box to annihilate more of one’s people.

(Planned Parenthood founder Margaret “Negro Project” Sanger was a white supremacist. Today Planned Parenthood abortion mills are located almost exclusively in minority areas, so minorities disproportionately abort their progeny compared to whites.)

Stupid is claiming to have “dedicated much of her adult life to the defense of the Indian family and the struggle against abuse of Indian women and children,” as Fire Thunder was described by Indian Country Today, while encouraging women to commit the harshest abuse of all against their own children – killing them.

Stupid is knowing that adolescent suicide on the Oglala reservation is four times the national average and then making abortion more accessible to them, since a teenage girl is 10 times more likely to commit suicide in the six months following her abortion than one who has not.

(Conversely, pregnancy is associated “with a dramatic decreased rate of suicide compared to non-pregnant women … [leading] some psychiatrists to suggest that pregnancy somehow serves a psychologically protective role,” according to Dr. David Reardon.)

Stupid is knowing that the alcohol death rate among Native Americans is over seven times the rate for all other Americans, and then welcoming abortion, since at least 15 studies have connected abortion with up to a fivefold increase in alcohol or substance abuse.

Stupid is knowing that the violent crime rate among Native Americans is 2.5 times the national rate, much of it aimed at women, and then welcoming abortion, since studies show abortion exposes women to greater violence both before and after abortion. Studies also show women who abort are 12 times more likely to be victims of homicide.

Stupid is knowing that the “rate of rape and sexual assault among American Indians is 3.5 times higher than for all other races,” and “[s]exual abuse at a young age is quite frequent and almost always involves a relative such as a father, brother, cousin, uncle or grandfather,” and “over 70 percent of sexual assaults are not reported,” all according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, and then welcoming abortion, which only facilitates rapists and incest perpetrators.

Stupid is displaying concern for Native American elder abuse while promoting abortion, which only encourages fatal abuse of the unwanted, inconvenient and vulnerable.

Stupid are liberals like blogger Bob Geiger who sneer at a law to stop the killing of Oglala children as the solution to societal woes and then have the nerve to call pro-lifers cold.

“And thus the people who are anti-choice, but typically do the least to support families and help young children once they’re actually born, continue to live their real creed: Love the fetus, hate the child,” blogged Bob.

Oh, really. Tell me, Bob, how many handicapped babies have you and your ilk adopted? How many pregnancy care centers have you and your ilk launched? How many self-funded missions trips to Indian reservations have you and your ilk forfeited vacations to go on or donated money to?

Oh … Bob can’t answer because he has taken this week off to “recharge.”

In 1876, the Oglala Sioux were responsible for massacring Gen. George Custer and his men at Little Bighorn, mutilating and scalping them as they went.

What a difference 130 years make. Today the Oglala Sioux plan to massacre their own children, mutilating and scalping them as they go.