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Who is Jesus?

Recently, a book came out by a Muslim writer featuring a Sufi Jesus. Although some in the Christian press touted this book, the Jesus in the book is not the savior of the world. Rather, he is a spiritual guide who eventually appears in Heaven talking and walking with Muhammad. He is not portrayed as the creator of the universe, but merely a man in paradise.

When I grew up in a non-Christian home, my mother dabbled in Christian Science. The Jesus of Christian Science was Divine Mind – a higher consciousness that all may attain.

Another popular Jesus today is the New Age Jesus, the mystic who sees through his third eye into the diluted fiction that claims that we are all God, in a nod to Genesis 1.

Another Jesus, the mere mortal of watered-down faith, is sweet and loving to everyone.

Another is merely the god of this planet in a religion that says we can be the god of our own planet.

Where do we find the real Jesus? Is Christ merely a cacophony of conflicting views?

No, we find the real Jesus depicted in the pages of the Gospels. There, we find a Jesus who was not safe, but was good, and who stood up to lawlessness and legalism – a real person who was fully God and fully man. This real, historical Jesus loved the world so much that He died and was resurrected so that all who believe in Him might be saved – and saved not by works, nor meditation, nor secret knowledge, but by His victory over sin through His death on the cross.

This is the Jesus described by the disciples who knew Him best, as recorded truthfully and accurately in the New Testament documents included in the Holy Bible. These documents are the earliest, most reliable records we have of what Jesus did and what He taught. The teachings in these documents are clear and precise. There is no need, therefore, for any other document or teaching about Jesus, especially one that contradicts these original eyewitness testimonies of the God-Man who enlightens every man.

Instead of reading what Muslim writers, Christian Science Reading Rooms and New Age philosophers say about Jesus, it’s much better to focus our time on studying the Bible, so that we can take every thought captive for Christ, and “so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:17).