President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox meeting in Cancun Thursday

America was stunned by massive rallies of half a million in support of illegal aliens in both Chicago and L.A.

But two reports in the latest issue of Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin suggest no one should be surprised because these movements are well-organized, well-funded and directed by the hidden hands of globalist foundations with a one-world agenda.

In fact, three of the four major Hispanic activist groups behind the recent rallies receive massive funding from the Ford Foundation as well as more limited support from Carnegie and Rockefeller.

And who is promoting President Bush’s plan for even easier and more expedited movement of people between Mexico and the U.S. by 2010? It’s the Council on Foreign Relations, a group some consider a shadow government of elitists unaccountable to either the U.S. Constitution or the American people.

There are some more likely suspects behind the radical demands for reparations, a sovereign Hispanic state in the southwestern U.S. and even expulsion of non-indigenous people from the Americas – people like George Soros.

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