The cop didn’t know who she was – and that, dear friends, is at the crux of the Cynthia McKinney-Capitol Police officer altercation debacle.

In my Dec. 10, 2004, column for WorldNetDaily, “It’s a class thang,” I outlined the fact that fomenting class warfare and engaging in the politics of victimhood, all the while seeking the top of the heap was the prime modus operandi of the far Left, and something we all needed to realize and regard with ongoing vigilance.

It’s no surprise that McKinney played the race card during this hand. It’s her stock in trade. But she’s not some downtrodden waif who had to claw her way out of the Jim Crow South – she’s “the daughter of one of Atlanta’s first black law enforcement officers and former Georgia State Representative Billy McKinney,” according to her website. She’s got multiple degrees, and she’s the first black woman from Georgia to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. For someone with her history, education and position to play the race card every day is just cheap antics.

Sounds like a “class thang” to me – as well as begging the question of why a multi-degreed member of Congress feels she has to come off like Homey the Clown (from the TV comedy series “Living Color”). Honestly – from the hair, to her apparent “Worst Dressed” nomination ambitions, to her theatrics (including marching up the Capitol steps to “apologize” for the episode, which itself generated another incident involving her use of private security), she acts as though she’s auditioning rather than engaging in the legislative process.

More than anything else, this is reminiscent of Zsa-Zsa Gabor’s 1989 Beverly Hills, Calif., arrest for battery against an officer, disobeying an officer, driving without a registration, without a license and with an open container of alcohol. You don’t put your hands on me. I’m one of the anointed. Pow! That elitist narcissism defines the far Left powerbrokers and their acolytes and underscores their hypocrisy (as an anti-violent lot) – whether senators, representatives, prize fighters, actors or pop stars. They’re just above it all, as they see it. We need to start seeing it, too.

Such conduct is also highly anti-social, which is common in people who are mentally unbalanced.

Now, I won’t go so far as to make a diagnosis here – I know the far Left ideologues covet their credentials and bristle when someone ventures outside their area of expertise (read: can’t keep their place). But I will go as far as to say that Cynthia McKinney is a complete wackadoo – and the far Left power brokers know it. She’s more than a loose cannon, she’s a broken arrow (the term used for a rogue nuclear missile on a course no one can predict). While people such as Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton play the race card strategically, McKinney vomits divisive racist bilge nearly every time she engages her brain and her mouth at the same time.

There’s a saying that goes: “If you meet one jerk a day, that’s acceptable, but if you meet five, it might be time to examine your own behavior.”


  • “Ms. McKinney is a racist and anti-Semite of the first rank. If she were white and male, she would be David Duke.”

    – Peter Swartz, professor emeritus, Cornell University.

  • “She is a racist. She bases everything on race. Everything bad that has ever happened to her is because she’s black. She’s anti-Semitic, that’s who she is.”

    – Representative Tom DeLay.

  • Even the far-Left online Slate had her number as early as 2002. In “Cynthia McKinney: The rep who cries racism” (April 19, 2002), Slate’s Chris Suellentrop confirmed (rather in advance) what liberals and conservatives alike have come to know about her: “All of us have voices in our heads, whispering insanities … Cynthia McKinney’s problem is that she lets hers speak. She’s the Christopher Walken character in ‘Annie Hall,’ except when she’s tempted to swerve into a car’s oncoming headlights, she actually does it.”

And no one in her party wants to be in the car when that happens. She is obviously far more of a threat to the Left than the Right – and to her party – because such an irrational individual is frequently in danger of, like Caligula, threatening to bring the whole house down with her recklessness, or cutting trusted friends and colleagues heads off on a whim. During the 2000 presidential campaign, she claimed that “[Al] Gore’s Negro tolerance level has never been too high.” So the Democrats clearly know she’s a liability.

Examining her erratic behavior in the context of someone who might not be all there would explain a lot, from her own anti-Semitic remarks to accusing the president and his cohorts of orchestrating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to somehow profit from them.

Were I the Capitol Police officer, McKinney would have been lucky not to be mistaken for a random D.C. crackhead seeking to do harm to our elected officials and arrested on the spot.

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