Actress Sienna Miller on the cover of Vogue

Sienna Miller reportedly feared for her life after getting a flood of death threats from Islamic extremists.

The American-born, British-bred actress best-known for starring in the remake of “Alfie” as well as her engagement to actor Jude Law, is said to have received a torrent of vicious threats from Muslims furious she’s starring in “Interview,” a remake of director Theo van Gogh’s 2003 thriller.

Van Gogh is the Dutch director who was shot and killed in 2004 by an Islamic extremist in connection with his film “Submission: Part I,” which was aired on Dutch television in August of that year.

Warning letters have been sent to Sienna, 24, who is currently filming the movie in New York, stating “she will be sorry” unless she pulls out of the project.

“Sienna refuses to give in to these threats. The people behind them represent everything she abhors,” a crewmember told Britain’s Daily Star. “The film hasn’t got anything to do with Islam. But because it’s being made as a tribute to Theo, the Islamic fundamentalists have hit the roof.”

“She was scared to begin with,” the source added. “But her co-star Steve [Buscemi] has been receiving similar letters, so they’ve been supporting each other and laughing about it.”

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