Flowers again?


A box of candy?

Not good enough for your mom.

How about giving your mother a meaningful, unique gift this Mother’s Day – which, by the way, is right around the corner?

That’s right, WND’s own marketing team – led by real-life moms – has put together the perfect gift for your mom this year. It’s a basket of treats for the body and the mind – from books to chocolates to luxuriating bath soap.

The contents include:

  • “Heartstrings of Laughter and Love,” a tribute to mothers;
  • “Why a Son (Daughter) Needs a Mom,” providing 100 reasons;
  • “For Every Season Daily Devotionals” by WND columnist and renowned evangelist Greg Laurie;
  • “Things Your Mother Always Told You But You Didn’t Want to Hear”;
  • “The Brighton Heirloom Collection Photo Album;”
  • “The Christian Life New Testament,” compact-size KJV;
  • Aromatherapy candle;
  • Herbal tea – especially for relaxation;
  • Glycerin and coconut oil bath soap;
  • Chocolate truffles – for that touch of decadence;

So spoil your mom this Mother’s Day. Treat her to WND’s specially designed, thoughtfully assembled and lovingly packaged Mother’s Day Gift Basket.

Got some other mothers on your shopping list? There’s more in our special Mother’s Day gift section of ShopNetDaily.

You’ll find a great collection of books and other special items with your mom’s name written all over them.

So, don’t knock yourself out at the mall this year. Make it a one-stop shopping experience this Mother’s Day at ShopNetDaily.

Visit WND’s Mother’s Day gift section right now.

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