Mexica Movement activists protest in L.A.

A website run by opponents of illegal immigration highlights the tactics of Hispanic activists who defend unlawful aliens, including the use of hate speech, profanity and calls for whites to be deported. begins with a warning that the site “contain graphic examples of hate and racism that has and is occurring in large cities and small towns across America.”

States the site: “The website is dedicated to exposing the other side of illegal immigration … the side our president, many in Congress, the media and especially the racist hate groups do not want us to see.” is meant as a response to the League of United Latin America Citizens, or LULAC, which reportedly created a website called

“It had photos of our friends, portrayed as racists. We were infuriated and decided to build a website,” the newer site states.

While is currently not an active website, records indicate it is licensed to LULAC.

“ is online to counter the false information dished out by Mexican hate groups and spoon-fed to Americans by the mainstream media,” states the site.

An introductory Flash video includes audiotape of speakers at rallies denouncing whites and proclaiming that Latinos will take power in the United Sates.

States one pro-illegals speaker on the video: “We’re here to show White Anglo-Saxon Protestants of L.A., the few of you who remain, that we are the majority; we claim this land as ours. … If anyone is going to be deported, it’s going to be you!”

Another protester shouts: “Go back to Europe where you came from; go back to England!”

Many photos of signs used in pro-illegals rallies are included in the presentation, including “Minutemen, you’ve taken on a fight larger than you can imagine,” and “We are standing in Mexico here!” – presumably at a rally in California.

Besides vulgar chants that cannot be reprinted, one crowd shouts in rhythm: “Our land, our continent, we’re taking it back!”

Explains the FAQ page on the site:

“The photos and soundtrack (that make up the intro video) are from real events that happened in California and Virginia. It was never shown on the news, talked about on radio, or written in the newspaper. We knew it was about time to let all Americans know what we know. Illegal aliens are not all ‘good people looking for a job.’ Federally funded racist Hispanic organizations are not simply ‘educating’ their people, they are inciting illegal aliens to riot and to demand ‘rights’ that they do not deserve.”

The site is run by married couple Nathan and Linda Muller. Linda has worked for the campaigns of Patrick Buchanan and Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., the leading opponent of illegal immigration in Congress.

Included on the site is a message board, with one thread discussing today’s rallies in favor of amnesty for illegals across the nation.

Posted Linda Muller: “I put off all my shopping for groceries, gas and other needs until today. I want American business to know we do not need illegal aliens. I almost wish I needed to go to the motor vehicle department, the bank, or even the hospital. What a pleasure it would be not to have to compete with illegal aliens for services.

“The roads will be safer and less congested, too. Maybe other Americans will notice that our country is better off without illegals and decide deportation is not a bad idea after all.

“It’s a great day in the USA!”

As WorldNetDaily reported, the Mexica Movement helped organize a large Los Angeles pro-illegals rally in March. The organization believes it is the “non-indigenous,” white, English-speaking U.S. citizens of European descent who have to leave what they call “our continent,” not illegal aliens.

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