A Tucson man arrested last month after burning a Mexican flag in protest plans to burn another one this weekend during public Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Roy Warden was arrested April 11, the day after he burned a Mexican flag while demonstrating against the flow of illegal aliens into the United States over the southern border. The activist was not arrested on the scene but was picked up the next day – he says because members of the Tucson City Council requested the action after receiving complaints. Warden faces charges of assault, criminal damage and reckless burning. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

According to the Arizona Star, Warden and members of Border Guardians burned the flag at Armory Park surrounded by hundreds of pro-illegals demonstrators.

“Here in Tucson, Cinco de Mayo is a three-day celebration,” Warden told WND, noting he would burn a Mexican flag at the most politically oriented pro-open borders public event, whether Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

“I will be surrounded by any number of Tucson police officers who will provide me with security so I may engage in this First Amendment activity,” Warden said, noting he and the police “have a very warm and cordial relationship.”

Warden claims the political atmosphere in Pima County is staunchly pro-illegal immigration, with “high-level county officials while on paid county time engaging in open-borders activity.”

Added the activist: “It’s absolutely the norm here in Pima County.”

Warden says his goal is to get the Hispanics who are opposed to open borders to turn up the heat within their own community.

“I’ve gotten many calls from Hispanics who are lawful,” he claimed. “They can’t stand the crime; they can’t stand the lower-paying jobs because they’re getting kicked out of jobs [to make room for] people willing to work for nothing.”

Warden added : “I want these lawful Hispanics to drive these people (illegals) out and tell them to go home.”

The protester chose the Mexican flag to burn, he says, because it’s being waved in demonstrations across the United States “as a symbol of political domination. It’s not a cultural symbol; flags are a political symbol.”

Warden’s message to Mexicans in the U.S. illegally: “Go back to Mexico and overturn your own corrupt government. Don’t come here and try to control ours.”

Comparing his action to what civil-rights protesters did in the ’60s, Warden said, “It’s time to take extraordinary measures through the courts and through personal confrontation.”

Said Warden: “We’re talking about legal but extremely organized and extremely provocative First Amendment activities.”

Warden says he does not expect to be arrested this weekend for burning the Mexican flag, saying he’s sure he will be acquitted of April’s charges after the police officers who witnessed his action testify in court.

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