A producer came to our office the other day and said that Sony Pictures must be scared that the “Da Vinci Code” is going to bomb at the box office because they are releasing it worldwide in one day. This sentiment has been echoed in the entertainment industry press.

Big movie studios dump movies worldwide without previews because they are afraid that the word-of-mouth will kill them. They are trying to get as much money as quickly as possible before the public finds out they have a stinker.

Why would the “Da Vinci Code” be a stinker? Because there is no real ending. Not only does the murder happen at the very beginning of the novel, but the novel quickly tells us who done it! Worse for movie audiences, in the “Da Vinci Code” book, the hero never really finds the Holy Grail, thus undermining the climax of the movie.

The only secret that is completely revealed in the “Da Vinci Code” novel is that the only glimpse men and women will ever have of eternity, according to Dan Brown, is the brief seconds of orgasm in the pagan sex ceremony with the Grand Master having sex with the temple prostitute while the men and women of the cult watch.

However, this Hollywood producer and Sony should not be too concerned about the box office since the Christians may save the “Da Vinci Code” by following the advice of the Sony shills who are urging them to pay to see this sex ceremony.

As for MOVIEGUIDE?, we urge people not to pay one cent to Sony to watch this sex act.

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