The great achievement of modern feminism is the mongrelization of males.

The aim of modern feminists is to destroy the picture of what a strong man looks like and his ability to exercise that strength in society for the greater good. They aim to say that such strength is hideous, repulsive and manipulative. And in their attempts, they have taken men and destroyed them.

Oh, you thought it was women’s equality? Not quite. That’s what traditional feminists fought for. Equal pay for equal work, the right to vote, and the right to own property were significant issues that truly heroic women took on and won for the betterment of not just their gender, but all of mankind. But modern feminists are a different story all together.

Their handiwork was best evidenced through three exhibits that all hit national news this week.

Exhibit A: In suburban Chicago, two boys approached a girl outside the local library and swiped her cell phone and lured her to a private place. They met up with five of their friends and the seven monsters ganged up on a 13-year-old in an apartment’s laundry-room basement, and took turns raping her.

Exhibit B: Sexually Transmitted Disease clinics in Maryland are reporting that children from pre-teens to young adults are now twice as likely to engage in oral sex as they were 10 years ago – and among women, nearly twice as likely to engage in rectal sex.

Exhibit C: In St Louis, 12 boys – ages 6 to 8 – took turns sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl on the school’s public playground during recess. Another student spotted what was happening, told a teacher, and the activity was brought to a halt.

So you’re asking: “How do these examples demonstrate feminism’s mongrelizing males?”

The truth is: A number of ways.

The modern feminist movement is obsessed with one overriding issue – sex. Feminists sought the desire, coming out of the ’60s, to engage in sex similarly to what they perceived men were able to do – without consequence. The problem is “hooking up” has a more problematic effect for women because of the possibility of pregnancy. For that reason, taxpayer-provided birth control and, eventually, abortion on demand were advocated for, because consequences totally mess up the idea that “women can have sex just like men.”

The argument that there is no difference between men and women replaced the idea that men and women were equal but distinct. And sameness taught both genders to not see the other for the special distinctives they naturally have, but rather for the base impulsive behavior that the other could engage in.

And in doing so, we created a lot of problems – single-headed households, absentee fathers, continued pursuit of sex outside marriage – the list is expansive.

Perhaps the most damning of all is the treatment of little girls went from making them a special princess in our heart, to thinking of them as one of the guys. Coarse behavior replaced manners. Using vulgarities replaced words of value. Men became demoralized and, in many ways, built up resentment and became more aggressive than ever. The problem is that women are now equally aggressive and have taken on the ugliness of that aggression in the workplace.

Talk to marriage therapists, they will tell you the growing mountain of stories as to why more women, rather than men, are the initiators of extramarital affairs.

Girls aged 10, 11 and 12 should never even think that anal intercourse is acceptable, much less participating in it at twice the rate they did 10 years ago. And thank you President Clinton for teaching them that oral sex is supposedly harmless for them as well.

Two generations ago, if a mob of seven boys decided to sexually penetrate a 13-year-old girl, society would have levied such a penalty they would have been near insane to even try it. In Exhibit A’s case, the girl just this week changed her mind and said that the rape was consensual. If she’s telling the truth, that’s even more damnable!

Should an innocent 13-year-old girl ever come to the place in her life that she accepts forcible penetration by seven boys? Feminists think it’s great. They argue that it shows that she’s in control of her destiny. I dare to disagree. She knows it’s wrong, and she will hurt for the rest of her life from the effects of that afternoon.

Boundless sex – the goal of modern feminism – has had many lasting effects, but one of its longest lasting and, I fear, one that will not be easy to undo is the mongrelization of men and boys.

And it’s killing our girls.

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