Editor’s note: The following commentary refers to the sexual content of “The Da Vinci Code” and may not be appropriate for children.

For years, Christian radio and TV stations, especially those associated with the National Religious Broadcasters, have fought the Fairness Doctrine of the Federal Communications Commission. Their contention has been that the Fairness Doctrine provision would force them to broadcast the views of people who opposed Christian faith and values on every single issue they addressed on their programs such as homosexuality. As a result of a lot of pressure, the FCC dropped the Fairness Doctrine requirement in 1985.

Now, a few religious broadcasters are saying that they need to give the promoters of the pagan sex, Satanism, occultism, pedophilia and blasphemy found in “The Da Vinci Code” equal time. What, you may ask, in “The Da Vinci Code” represents pagan sex? Well here is one of many passages:

The women and men were staggered, black, white, black, white. The women’s beautiful gossamer gowns billowed as they raised in their right hands golden orbs and called out in unison, “I was with your in the beginning, in the dawn of all that is holy, I bore you from the womb before the start of day.”

The women lowered their orbs, and everyone rocked back and forth as if in a trance. They were reverting something in the center of the circle.

What are they looking at?

The voices accelerated now. Louder. Faster

“The woman whom you behold is love!” The women called, raising their orbs again.

The men responded, “She has her dwelling place in eternity!”

The chanting grew steady again. Accelerating. Thundering now. Faster. The participants stepped inward and knelt.

In that instant, Sophie could finally see what they were all watching.

On a low, ornate altar in the center of the circle lay a man. He was naked, positioned on his back, and wearing a black mask. Sophie immediately recognized the body and the birthmark on his shoulder. She almost cried out. Grand-pere! This image alone would have shocked Sophie beyond belief, and yet there was more.

Straddling her grandfather was a naked woman wearing a white mask, her luxuriant silver hair flowing out behind it. Her body was plump, far from perfect, and she was gyrating to the chanting – making love to Sophie’s grandfather.

… The circle of participants seemed to be singing now, the noise rising in crescendo to a frenzy. With a sudden roar, the entire room seemed to erupt in climax.

– Dan Brown, “The Da Vinci Code,” page 311

This argument could be extended to say that the pedophiles, Satanists and pagans should have a platform to speak to our children in Christian schools.

This is a strange reversal of the intelligent understanding that God has not called us to welcome the devil to present his case, but has called us to resist the devil.

And you know what? If we do, he will flee from us!

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