Mohammed Yusef, the founder of Invicta Capital in Great Britain, is using a government tax-incentive program to fund the movie version of the anti-Christian “Da Vinci Code” novel for Sony Pictures.

According to the Times of London, the London-based Invicta is taking advantage of British tax rules to provide Sony with 100 million pounds of the 114 million pounds that the movie reportedly cost. The capital allows Sony to dramatically reduce its cost of borrowing money to produce and market the movie.

The “Da Vinci Code” movie qualified for an outgoing regime of tax breaks because it was partially shot in the United Kingdom. The British government is phasing out the tax incentives because of allegations of abuse.

Mohammed Yusef, chairman of the advisery firm Invicta Capital, previously noted:

We are delighted to have successfully concluded the largest-ever film sale and leaseback in the UK. ‘The Da Vinci Code’ is a very exciting film and we have seen strong demand from our clients looking to invest in it.

According to the Times, Invicta buys the entire movie from Sony with its money, then leases it back to the producer. Invicta covers its 100 million pounds investment by raising cash from wealthy investors, usually in amounts ranging from 2 million pounds to 3 million pounds. Sony will then guarantee these individual investments by providing a steady stream of payments over a 15-year period. This allows the investors to defer tax bills running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, and even have access to some of their investment money before the tax bills finally come due.

The British government thus is helping Mohammed to conduct a jihad against Christians by promoting the Bible bashing, anti-Christian propaganda in “The Da Vinci Code.”

Regrettably, the Quran, the Muslim text from the oral teachings of Mohammed, is full of false propaganda about Jesus Christ and Christianity. It is very sad that another Mohammed is promoting such a vile, anti-Christian text like “The Da Vinci Code.”

If Christians pay to go see Ron Howard’s movie based on the book, they will be paying Mohammed to attack Jesus Christ and His Church.

As noted by Dr. Michael Youssef and other reliable scholars, Islam developed from the rejected, illogical and false doctrines of Gnosticism that denied, demeaned and diminished the good news of Jesus Christ that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who appeared in the flesh so that all who believe in Him may be saved. The historical reality of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ was, and is, so powerful that those who know Him have been transformed by His grace and have stood against Muslim persecution for centuries.

This issue shouldn’t just be of importance to Christians. Jewish believers also should be concerned about “The Da Vinci Code,” which disparages the history of Judaism. In fact, the book accuses ancient Jews of fornicating with prostitutes in the Temple of God.

Don’t let Mohammed get away with repeating these kinds of scurrilous attacks on Jews and Christians.

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