Josh McDowell

With the the controversial movie “The DaVinci Code” opening tomorrow, a dramatized podcast of Christian author Josh McDowell’s book “DaVinci Code: A Quest for Answers” has jumped into second place on iTunes as one of the most popular downloads worldwide.

The dramatized series features college students discussing the controversial book and movie. The short audio segments highlight McDowell’s research and bolsters his contention the movie needs to be clearly defined as a work of fiction predicated on myths.

As WorldNetDaily reported, McDowell believes the film will give Christians a far greater platform for evangelism than “Narnia” and “The Passion” combined.

The author says he’s concerned a majority of Christians struggle to provide an answer to why they believe the Bible is true, historically accurate or reliable, and that something like “The Da Vinci Code” book and movie provides a perfect opportunity for believers to politely discuss the issues and separate fact from fiction.

McDowell has authored or co-authored over 100 books and spoken to more than 10 million people in 80 countries at over 700 universities and colleges.

The server that had been hosting the podcast files had been redlined for days until a much larger server was located to handle the avalanche of download requests.

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