Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.

If cuts in New York state’s Homeland Security allocation are not restored, Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., is threatening to launch an investigation into rumors of orgies involving CIA officers at the Watergate Hotel.

King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, made the threat on WABC Radio’s John Gambling show yesterday.

“[The cut] to me raises very serious questions about the judgment and the sincerity of the department and everything they do,” he said. “If they can’t get something like this right, how can we trust them to get anything right? So I am going to be investigating them from top to bottom, and one clear example is this whole scandal with Congressman Duke Cunningham, which has now unfolded to include orgies at the Watergate Hotel.”

Prior to the resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss, a top adviser also quit after admitting he attended poker parties arranged by a lobbyist. Prostitutes allegedly were present at the hotel.

King claimed the allegations include “prostitutes and booze and gambling and CIA agents.”

“People were driven to the Watergate Hotel for these orgies in limousines,” King said. “The limousine company is owned by a convicted criminal that lost their previous contracts with school districts because they were incompetent. And the Department of Homeland Security gave them a $21 million contract to drive their top officials around Washington.”

Once again tying the investigation to the cut in New York state funds, King said: “They could find $21 million to give to a company owned by a criminal which drives around pimps and prostitutes, and they cut $80 million for the city of New York.”

Michael Chertoff, director of Homeland Security, said New York’s funding remains at levels of previous years.

“We have consistently ranked New York as the number-one risk locality in the country,” he said. “And for that reason, over the past four years of just this single program, we have awarded more than $500 million to New York. That is more than twice the money given to the next-highest ranked city, which is Los Angeles.”

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