How crazy, irrational, counterproductive, suicidal and stupid is Israel’s plan to ethnically cleanse most of Judea and Samaria of Jews in hopes of achieving peace with Jew haters?

It’s so crazy, so irrational, so counterproductive, so suicidal and so stupid that even Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is publicly opposing it because it is clearly destabilizing and threatens not only Israel’s future, but the security of his own country and neighboring Jordan.

I never thought I would live to see the day that an Egyptian leader showed more good sense than the collective leadership of the Jewish state. But it’s here. It’s undeniably here.

And, of course, Mubarak has plenty to worry about. His predecessor was assassinated publicly by the same kinds of people who are today running the Palestinian Authority. Since Israel turned over Gaza to the band of murderers in Hamas last year, Mubarak has watched his own border breached repeatedly by terrorists who have as much at stake in overthrowing the government in Egypt as they do in “liberating” Jerusalem.

So why the headlong rush once again to forcibly relocate Jews from traditionally Jewish lands? Why is a Jewish state playing right into the hands of neo-Nazis ruling over the Palestinian Authority? Why would Israel do something to hundreds of thousands of Jews that it would unequivocally condemn if it were done by any other state?

There is a consensus among the Israeli political elite that retreat is good, that conciliation is necessary, that appeasement is the only prescription for peace. They will talk about defensible borders, but that’s not really it.

If it were about defensible borders, Israel would look to expand its territory, not reduce it. If reducing real estate would make Israel more secure, then the obvious move would be to move all the Jews to Tel Aviv. Surely that would not make Israel more secure; it would just give Israel’s enemies the target they need to destroy all the Jews with one mighty blow.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Israel is unknowingly redrawing the Middle East map to create “Auschwitz borders.”

Ultimately, the Israeli elitists have no faith in the spiritual mission that gave a second birth to the Jewish state in 1948. They have no faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They have no faith in the Bible that traces the history and survival of the Jews. In fact, it is probably an error to call Israel a Jewish state – because the people running the country are only Jews in the ethnic sense of the word, which means nothing.

But if Israel doesn’t care about its own identity, if Israel doesn’t care about its own security, if Israel doesn’t care about its own stability, if Israel doesn’t care about its own survival, should it at least care about the identity, security, stability and survival of its peaceful neighbors in Egypt and Jordan and Lebanon?

It should. But it shows no signs of caring about anything – other than teaching a lesson to its own self-sufficient, mostly religiously observant people in Judea and Samaria.

I honestly think that’s what we are witnessing in Israel today. Just like the culture war raging in the United States, there is one taking place in Israel between the believing Jews and the apostate Jews.

Sometimes I wonder what the non-believers here in the U.S. hate and fear more – al-Qaida terrorists or fundamentalist Christians. It was no contest during the Clinton administration. Despite countless examples of terrorist attacks perpetrated by jihadists, the Clintonista elites always managed to blame right-wing Christians. The first attack on the World Trade Center didn’t worry them. The attack on the federal building in Oklahoma City was conveniently blamed on anti-government right-wingers and Rush Limbaugh. The downing of TWA Flight 800 was an accident. And all during these attacks, the FBI was ordered to focus more and more of its attention on the real threat – those pesky, murderous, right-wing Christian zealots.

I think something very similar is happening today in Israel. I think Israelis in power dislike their own people and their own religious traditions and heritage more than they dislike those who threaten them with annihilation. It seems impossible, but, I’m afraid, it’s true.

And here’s my prediction: Just as America was surprised on Sept. 11, 2001, Israel is going to have a day of reckoning with its real enemies as a result of its head-in-the-sand policies.

But don’t believe me. Just ask Mubarak.

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