What’s America’s favorite past time? Baseball? Not mine. I like politics. More bloody than boxing, more frustrating than golf and more tense than a pitcher with a 3-2 count. This game has no time-outs, no rain-outs and no pre-season. It’s pedal to the metal, 24/7.

After viewing this game for more than 20 years from behind a microphone, and now as a WND columnist, I have come to realize Democrats aren’t very good at political games that count. They talk trash with the best of them, but they just don’t score enough points to win.

There are three major issues that make or break national political candidates. I say “national,” because Newt Gingrich made all politics national back in 1994. His “Contract With America” changed the game forever. No longer would the players heed the warning, “all politics is local.” Perhaps Newt’s greatest impact on the political games was to forever alter that cliche. Now, it’s “all politics is national.”

That being the case, and it is the case, let’s examine the major issues. Religion is a cultural issue. The economy concerns the pocketbook. And the military is all about national security. You have to knock at least two of these issues out of the park to gain a majority in the legislative branch this November.

That being the case, and it is the case, why have Democrats consistently whiffed on these vital issues? It isn’t because they don’t know – Democrats are the original “poll-i-ticians.” Bill Clinton and Dick Morris practically invented the addiction of elected representatives to polls. Where should I vacation? What should kids wear to school? When the best time to admit adultery is and what phrases should I use when doing so?

Democrats understand the thinking of the American people. They try, but they just don’t lie enough to fool them.

Democrats yelp these days about the absolute unfairness of Republicans advancing a constitutional definition of marriage. “It’s not important to voters!” “This is just a distraction from Marines murdering innocent Iraqis in Haditha!” “My lover and I will have to move to Europe!”

Do they think Americans do not see right through them? Most American voters really do believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. They believe such a union is sacred and necessary. Argue all you want, but this is what they believe. And, most American voters resent judges who attempt to circumvent their beliefs about marriage – like they did with abortion.

So, why didn’t the Democrats represent their constituents and support the sensible amendment to our Constitution? That’s not how you play the game.

“Strike one!”

Just after the first Bush tax cuts took effect, almost all news about the American economy has been good to spectacular. Job creation has been strong; unemployment is at historical lows; new home starts continue to break records; inflation’s low and the DJIA has roared back after a scary dip into the 6,000s post-September 11.

So, why in light of this unrelenting progression of good news, do Democrats ignore or dispute it? Why after tax cuts clearly spurred on our sinking economy and created massive new revenues, do Democrats refuse to admit their effectiveness? This has happened in the Kennedy, Reagan and Bush presidencies, folks. Don’t they know they look like fools to all those voters who not only have jobs but have to make time to deposit their bonus checks? Why are Democrats hating Wal-Mart when Wal-Mart employs millions of (hopefully legal) Americans and provides the products we need at incredibly low prices, while kicking butt for millions of shareholders? Democrats keep talking about a “culture of corruption” despite the fact we live and work in a “culture of achievement.” That’s not how you play the game!

“Strike two!”

Then there’s the American military. The most restrained, professional and effective group of warriors ever assembled on the planet. Our volunteer military has provided a blanket of protection around us so complete and with such apparent ease and dignity we rarely ever think about it. Not even on Memorial Day. They are like NFL offensive linemen: The only time we know their name is if they do something wrong. Heck, even giving al-Zarqawi his first-class ticket to hell hasn’t impressed the left.

And speaking of Haditha, our military has conducted themselves so honorably in Afghanistan and Iraq (they sent the oppressed to the polls and the oppressors into holes) that the real issue is: Should we have sent more troops sooner and should they have been more ruthless while liberating Iraqis? That’s the question. Instead, Democrats trot out the most famous slanderer of American soldiers in U.S. history – John Kerry – to accuse these good people of terrorizing Iraqi children in the middle of the night and his prot?g? – John Murtha – to accuse Marines of mass murder before an investigation is complete! Our Marines have earned better than that. They have served with too much honor for too long to be thrown under the SUV (much worse than a bus) while an incident is investigated.

And after smearing our troops and their mission, Democrats sit on their hands and hope millions more illegal immigrants enter the country so they, too, can be granted amnesty. Democrats have cowardly sat on the sidelines during the illegal immigration debate and have watched Republicans fight it out. Democrats have no plan other than to welcome new Democrats into the country. Americans see what’s happening. We know who’s serious about our borders and who isn’t. Democrats don’t care about national security and they don’t care who comes into this country as long as they are likely voters.

This is not how you play the game. It’s how you get thrown out of the game.

“Strike three, you’re out … again!”

Democrats think they will win in a landslide this November. I’ve got news for them: A majority of American voters will never trust anyone who disagrees with them on cultural, pocketbook and national security issues. Inexplicably, this same news must be passed on to Republicans.

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