Who, besides Al Gore, would be surprised that Mars’ ice caps are shrinking? And how about this: Jupiter is brewing up new, monster, hurricane-like storms because of measured increases in Jovian temperatures. Why is it I don’t believe “greenhouse gases” are at fault?

Here’s the deal, one of God’s great creations – the Sun – is going through another one of its on-again, off-again solar cycles. Sometimes it burns a little brighter, other times it emits a little less energy. The result? Every planet in our solar system either gets a little warmer or cooler depending on our sole energy source. The massive furnace in the center of our solar system is pretty consistent, but it isn’t perfectly constant.

Earth’s scientists have determined that every globe, I mean, every planet, in the solar system is currently experiencing a warming trend – including Earth. I was surfing the Internet recently and came across two fascinating articles from Space.com. The first headline reads, ”New Storm on Jupiter Hints at Climate Change.” Here’s what planetary scientists have discovered:

Little is known about how storms form on the giant planet. They are often described as behaving similar to hurricanes on Earth. Some astronomers believe that the spots dredge up material deep below Jupiter’s clouds and lift it to where the Sun’s ultraviolet light chemically alters it to give it a red hue.

The latest images could provide evidence that Jupiter is in the midst of a global change that can modify temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit on different parts of the globe.The study was led jointly by Imke de Pater and Philip Marcus of University of California, Berkeley.

”The storm is growing in altitude,” de Pater said. ”Before when they were just ovals they didn’t stick out above the clouds. Now they are rising.”

”This growth signals a temperature increase in that region,” she said.
“Of course it signals a temperature increase. Of course it signals a temperature increase. When temperatures rise, gases rise. Clouds (made up of gases) rise. This is basic physics.”

The other article was written several years ago. The thrust of this scientific writing was Mars’ ice caps have been observed to be shrinking.

Here’s a quick Martian weather report:

In the other study, led by Michael C. Malin, features at the South Pole were observed to retreat by up to 10 feet (3 meters) from one Martian year to the next.
The odd shapes – circular pits, ridges and mounds – were first photographed in 1999. Since then, the features have eroded away by up to 50 percent.
Two good, straight-forward science articles that prove Jupiter and Mars are warming. No politics to get bogged down in. No agendas to sort out. Simple facts: Temperatures on Jupiter and Mars are rising.

Now, is anyone surprised the Earth is also experiencing a warming trend? Please, I’m begging you; tell me why these articles weren’t splashed across the front pages of every newspaper in the country? Aren’t these scientific observations shocking considering the massive amounts of press, television specials, radio broadcasts, classroom time, and dining room conversations this country has devoted to the misnomer, ”global warming”? The most prominent news story on the planet Earth in the new millennium has been that man and his evil combustion engine have begun the cooking of the planet by the suffocating amounts of carbon dioxide – a (GASP!) greenhouse gas – we’ve pumped into our atmosphere.

Fast fact: Did you know when the Earth was in the grips of one of its great Ice Ages, carbon dioxide levels were significantly higher than they are today?

Take a deep breath. All is well. Our climate has changed due to the efforts of the Sun of God, not people like the son of Senator Al Gore, Sr.

Why not put the guilt trip back in the closet? Why not let yourself off the hook? We have discovered one of God’s great creations, the Sun, is throwing off a little more energy these days and warming all the planets in our solar system. That’s worthy of a global celebration, right?

And, with the information we now have, can we get rid of the phrase, ”global warming,” and start using the more appropriate, ”solar warming”?

Look, the Sun of God is an unimaginably powerful furnace. Take a moment to learn a little bit about the closest star to the Earth and re-educate yourself about how tiny and insignificant we are. It will also help when politicians and those with a purely political agenda stop scaring us with the threat of imminent death as a result of man-made global warming.

Just for kicks, next time one of these hysterical, science-challenged scare-mongers spews their voo-doo environmentalism your way, ask them if they know what the No. 1 greenhouse gas is. It is water vapor. Let me repeat that so you don’t forget. Water vapor, not carbon dioxide, is, by far, the most prevalent of all the greenhouse gasses. Water vapor! In fact, water vapor accounts for about 95 % of the greenhouse effect on our planet.

Why doesn’t everyone know this?

Why not teach science, instead of political hysteria in our schools?

The Sun of God, not the by-products of man’s combustion engines, is responsible for the mild increases in temperature on Earth, Mars and Jupiter. And that’s only inconvenient to Al Gore, Jr.

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