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You don't have to see bad movies!

Movieguide’s associate at Act One Barbara Nicolosi said something that we would never say, even though her words revealed a lot of truth. She said that those Christians who were urging people to go see “The Da Vinci Code” and read the book were “useful Christian idiots.” Or, someone might suggest that they were just guarding Satan’s right flank.

Now, this crowd of fellow shills is planting articles in major conservative newspapers saying that we shouldn’t avoid movies just because they have elements in them that are repugnant to our faith and values.

Well, contrary to their bad news and bad advice, there is good news:

Jesus Christ came to set us free, free particularly from the bondage to negative, self-destructive behavior that traps us into depression, anxiety and unhappiness. His freedom means that we can decide to support the Good, the True and the Beautiful and avoid the bad, the ugly and the blasphemous. Thus, we have the ability to choose good movies like “Cars” or “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and avoid bad movies like the pro-terrorist “V for Vendetta” and the slanderous, bigoted “Da Vinci Code.” In fact, we can spend more time checking WorldNetDaily.com, reading the Bible, talking to our friends, being with our children or praying to God. Not only that, but we don’t even have to go to any movies at all.

In fact, although they should only be a last resort, boycotts do indeed work. The left just used one to shut down a concert in NYC because two singers had anti-gay lyrics in their songs; the illegal aliens effectively manipulated the country with a one-day boycott; the good guys got an anti-Ronald Reagan TV movie and a Michael Jackson special pulled from CBS last fall; and “The Last Temptation of Christ” bombed at the box office.

And, choosing to see only good movies has helped movies like “Cars,” “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and “Finding Nemo” become huge box-office hits.

So, the next time one of these “bad news” fellow travelers tries to sucker you into supporting the bad, the ugly and the blasphemous, tell him to get behind you, because Jesus Christ has set you free indeed. And get MOVIEGUIDE® so you can make good choices honoring God.