Years ago, there was animated movie marketed to children and families called “Fern Gully,” but the movie pushed a New Age, radical environmentalist agenda that’s intellectually confusing as well as morally, politically and theologically confusing. We at MovieGuide? recommended that families stay away from this family movie, which we felt would only mislead children.

That’s the same way we feel about a new animated movie for families coming out today called “The Ant Bully.”

“The Ant Bully” has a very strong secular humanist worldview that pushes communism, left-wing political correctness and pagan environmentalism. It portrays human beings as all bad and parents as clueless while mocking God and depicting animals as more valuable than human beings.

Thus, although the movie also stresses positive values like loyalty, teamwork, kindness, compassion and defending the weak, it really is not an appropriate experience for impressionable children.

In previous animated movies about bugs, “Antz” and “A Bug’s Life,” the message was that the individual and the group are equally important. As such, they solved the political problem of society versus the individual in a way reflecting Christian values. Hence, MovieGuide? praised most of the content in these movies.

“The Ant Bully,” however, contains heavy-handed secular humanist and environmentalist propaganda that can mislead gullible or impressionable people, especially children, teenagers and college-age adults who already have been bombarded by atheist propaganda in their schools.

Simply, “The Ant Bully” is very preachy. It mocks God. It extols communism. It also mocks human beings. As such, it is one of the most politically correct movies of the year.

The problem is, in its quest to appeal to the vast family audience that keeps it afloat, Hollywood sometimes markets movies to that audience that can inflict harm to families, especially children. That’s why parents have to be careful even about the kind of family movies and family programming their children see.

That’s also why groups like MovieGuide? should be an essential part of your family’s library and your family’s favorite Internet sites and subscription services. The reviews in our magazine and in our Internet archives can tell your family what kind of content is in each family movie. They also give you our take on each movie, so that you can make up your own mind about letting your child or teenager see something.

Only by consulting a resource like MovieGuide? can you truly protect your family from the mentally confusing, potentially offensive content that exists in too many movies and TV programs today, even the ones labeled “family entertainment.”

It also helps if you and your family have a good idea about what kind of values you and they want to promote.

For instance, if you are a religious Christian or a religious Jew, you and your family should have a thorough, working knowledge of what the Bible says. Sadly, too many self-proclaimed Christians and Jews do not. In fact, all too many have a weak understanding of the moral and theological authority of Scripture. That’s why so many Christians and Jews fall for aberrant, or even heretical, teachings that can’t be found anywhere in the biblical text.

Movies like “The Ant Bully” are not just frivolous entertainment; they also present a way of thinking and behaving – and that can be terribly dangerous.

On a side note, just in case you’re wondering: The Bible clearly supports such notions as private property to protect the weak from the avaricious king (Do not steal or covet), family (Honor your father and mother) and worship of God (You shall have no other gods before me). Communism, however, wants society to abolish private property, abolish family and abolish religion.

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