Pat Buchanan’s anti-Semitism finally came out of the closet for all the world to see. Buchanan has been accused of anti-Semitism for years, but has played the artful dodger and managed to remain, albeit on the sidelines, in the public arena while hiding an obvious disdain for Israel and the Jewish people.

But no longer.

His outrageous remarks last week have permanently marked Buchanan as a nutcase. This in the face of growing world opinion that it is finally time to stop talking to terror organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas and instead eliminate their ability to wage war against civilization.

What Buchanan, and most of the left-leaning world press seem ignorant of is the fact that Israeli blood is paying for American and Western freedom, right now, on the ground, in the real world.

You see, Pat, in the real world, you cannot negotiate with terrorists.

In the real world, 45 million-plus Islamic fundamentalists want to annihilate Israel and America.

In the real world, they will not stop killing us until we kill them. This is not about some short-term geographical or political agenda; this is about a world religion gone mad in the minds of 10 percent of its adherents and their apocalyptic vision for the overthrow of all governments, religions and peoples to usher in a new world of Islamic conquest.

They do not want land, freedom, political power, money or rights. What they want is simple: Your soul … or your blood.

How do you negotiate with an Islamic radical who has only one goal:

Total world domination resulting in the conversion, or destruction, of every human being on earth.

Do you offer to convert or murder half the world if they will delay their attacks?

Do you suggest that they should be happy with Eastern World domination instead of total world domination?

Do you ask them to give the Western nations a little respite from their homemade bombs while we consider the claims of Islam and see if there are reasons to consider converting?

Do you give them the opportunity to build madrasas in Western nations to preach Islamic violence and conquest, if they will just allow us to continue our present way of life for a little while longer?

Just how do you negotiate with a terrorist who wants to kill himself, and you, rather than to let you live as a non-Muslim?

How about it, Pat? I’m listening …

Since I don’t hear anything but a tired anti-Semitic diatribe coming from you, let me tell you how:

You allow the most courageous nation on earth, the one that was born out of the fires of the Holocaust, the one that has survived every attack against it, everyday, since its birth in the fires of war in May of 1948 to do what lazy, fat, over-comfortable and over-prosperous, opinionated but spineless Americans like you no longer have the gumption, spiritual will or moral clarity to do.

You allow them to fight, destroy, annihilate and eliminate the threat of Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria – and Iran, if necessary. You shut up while they gear up to take on the greatest threat to American and Western freedom that we have experienced since World War II.

You cheer while they mount their tanks, you cry when you see the photographs of their missing and killed, you get angry when you hear the enemies of freedom speaking evil of them, and you use your platform, whatever it may be, to promote their cause and to defend their character.

You do this because you know that modern-day Israel is doing what we in the West – for fear of disapproval (what would Barbra Streisand think?) – are too frightened to do:

Wage war against an intractable enemy until they either lay down their weapons and surrender unconditionally, or are laid down by the righteous retribution of honorable men who will not allow their criminal acts to continue.

Buchanan’s latest insanity is to try and argue that the present conflagration is “not America’s war.” In a sense he is right.

Because of the cowardice and murkiness of American opinion, supported by a leftist press and a liberal State Department, America seems to be incapable of seeing through the fog of deceit into the reality of the conflict that we are facing with Islamic extremism.

This is not America’s war – not because it does not represent American interests or American hopes, but because America is too blind and crippled by people like Pat Buchanan to wage it.

Thank God there is still a democratic nation with moral courage and keenness of insight that realizes each day we stand back and negotiate is a day closer to the time when a new holocaust will come upon us all.

Leave it to Pat Buchanan to stand even against moderate Arab regimes calling for condemnation of Hezbollah’s attacks, rather than stand for a minute with the noble Jewish people.

Shame on you, Pat.

And by the way, Pat, in the past seven days, while you have been smugly poking fun at Israel, I have been comforting Israelis throughout the nation – in hospitals and bomb shelters – and visiting young soldiers on the Lebanese border as thousands of terror missiles have torn into the flesh of innocent Jewish victims.

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