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Having drawn more than 2 million people from the Southern California area over the last 17 years, evangelist Greg Laurie is preparing for a Harvest Crusade at Angels Stadium in Anaheim.

The 2006 Southern California Harvest, Aug, 11-13, is supported by more than 1,000 churches and is expected to draw thousands of people.

The goal of the Harvest Crusade, according to organizers, is to “present the gospel message to people and to ultimately try to lead them in a decision for Christ.” Nearly 300,000 people have indicated such decisions over the past 17 years.

The inclusion of technology such as podcasts and webcasts in this year’s event is making it open to people all over the world who can not attend. Last year, the crusade was presented to 50,000 people through podcasts and webcasts. The video podcasts will include a message each night from Laurie and a “behind the scenes” look at the Harvest Crusade. In 2003, 19,000 people followed the event online.

“As we reach people locally in Southern California, we’ve also tapped into a spiritual hunger that transcends borders,” said Laurie. “It’s fantastic to think how many people all over the world can now hear the gospel message of hope in Christ through local Harvest Crusade events. It’s literally as easy as downloading a podcast onto your MP3 player.”

Organizers say Laurie’s Harvest Crusade appeals to so many different people because of the evangelist’s ability to present the gospel message in a straightforward way while incorporating the latest in current events, contemporary Christian music, and technology. The crusade has drawn more than 3.3 million people to stadiums around the world since 1990.

Popular Christian musicians – including Mercy Me, The Newsboys, Todd Agnew, Kutlass, Crystal Lewis, Joy Williams and David Crowder – are scheduled to perform at the crusade.

Laurie, the founder of Harvest Crusades, also serves as pastor of one of the 15 largest churches in the U.S.; Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif. He also is a weekly columnist for WorldNetDaily.

Laurie held a crusade in Christchurch, New Zealand in May and plans an event in San Jose, Calif., Oct. 13-15.

Check out Laurie’s books at ShopNetDaily:

“Are We Living in the Last Days?”

“The Great Compromise: And How Christians Can Avoid Living on Both Sides of the Fence”

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