How do you try to beat a good ol’ boy politician in Florida? Get Bill Clinton to endorse him!

That’s the approach being used by family-oriented conservative candidate Randall Terry, who is challenging incumbent Republican Jim King in the primary election Sept. 5 for the nomination for the state Senate seat in Florida’s 8th District.

Randall Terry, with Pope John Paul II

Terry has launched a telephone campaign to deliver 43,000 calls to Republicans in the district with messages that purport to be from Clinton.

There’s nothing deceptive about it: One script says, “Hello friend, Bill Clinton here – not really!” and the other says “This is a celebrity impersonation.”

Campaign officials for Terry, who founded the Operation Rescue anti-abortion group, say the first round of calls already has gone out, and the second round is pending.

Terry told WorldNetDaily that he’s had Republicans tell him the ads are a “breath of fresh air.”

The “endorsement” from “Clinton” talks about how King is a good ol’ boy, and has served the Clintons well in the past. “Clinton” also condemns Terry as being one of those anti-abortion, pro-family conservatives.

The voice sounds – mostly – like the former president, and promises King will give illegal immigrants college tuition, let homosexuals adopt kids and is pro-choice.

“Don’t vote for Randall Terry. He’s for traditional marriage, right to life, fair tax, wants to protect our borders; and no amnesty for all those potential Democrat voters!” the script continues.

“We are already getting rave reviews – people are laughing out loud,” said Terry. “We decided that the voters deserved to laugh a little bit, even while considering the serious issues of this campaign. We can show the stark differences between Senator King and me, and have fun doing it.”

Terry is the author of six best-selling books and has lectured at Yale, Southern Methodist, the Vatican and at Jerry Falwell’s Thomas Road Baptist Church.

He’s appeared on Hannity and Colmes, 60 Minutes, Nightline and other shows, and has college degrees from State University of New York and Whitfield College.

Terry has spent time in jail for his peaceful civil disobedience operations while with Operation Rescue in the 1980s and 1990s. It was during that period when he received a letter from Mother Theresa advising him that Christ, too, suffered for the sins of others.

Terry said early voting in the election starts Aug. 21.

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