I have sympathy for any human population that, due to the self-interest of the power brokers around them, are forced to suffer, whether it is Americans at gas pumps or Lebanese getting the snot bombed out of their towns and cities. Not to suggest that I’m making a comparison of severity, of course.

The world is indeed a jungle. However, the problem with America’s perception of Israel’s campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon and the broader war on terror is that too many Americans don’t understand this. Our idyllic notions of “peace,” the product of internationalist propaganda calculated to stultify our national will, are na?ve, immature and have proved to be monumentally dangerous. With the ensuing intellectual confusion this produced and subsequent foreign aggression, it has been relatively easy for the media and power brokers on the left to get Americans to swallow such fallacies as:

  • Israel is somehow responsible for the recent attacks on Israel.

  • The United States is somehow responsible for the war on terror.

  • The U.S. presence in Iraq is serving to further destabilize the Middle East.

  • There are “other ways” than warfare for nations to “handle” aggressors who have sworn to destroy said nations at any cost, no matter what.

  • And even such borderline insanity as the Bush administration orchestrated the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

According to an amalgam of sources, both hostile and friendly to Israel, Israel receives approximately $6 billion dollars in military aid, economic aid, federal loan guarantees and grants from the U.S. – per annum. Now, I’m not complaining about this because I support Israel, but the overall benefits of this arrangement have often been diametrically opposed to the economic benefits Israel has received.

Like right now.

Due to the international socialist influence pervasive in Europe and that which has increasingly influenced politics in America over the last 30 years, the adage that Israel to an extent “dances to Washington’s tune” does carry some merit in that she would have had much more latitude to defend herself were it not for the imprudently delicate diplomacy she has had to employ at the behest of several U.S. administrations.

Consequently, while less resolved factions in Israel were happy to engage in endless U.S.-brokered Chamberlainesque negotiations, peace plans and proposals with Palestinian terrorists, Hezbollah (essentially a foreign service branch of the Iranian military) had nearly 20 years to dig into Lebanon like an infestation of ticks. The Lebanese population was subjugated, then effectively propagandized while the United Nations characteristically looked on. Hezbollah became the de facto ruling party in Lebanon; as such, it retains the support of many Lebanese. They’ve lain down with the dog; now the ticks are biting.

What level of concern did Americans have for the Germans and Japanese who weren’t imperialists, Nazis or generally had no stomach for World War II? You know, the “good ones.”

“Collateral damage” is the answer – but this has become unacceptable given the new zeitgeist of “peace at any cost.”

Although many Israelis are as desultory in their understanding as American liberals, Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his colleagues know what is at stake and are proceeding as best they can. Despite this, the same tired, feeble overtures continue to be bandied about by the U.S., the U.N. and European nations: “Lets stop fighting for a bit and talk.”


There are several versions of a story about a rat that needed to escape the flooding marsh where he lived. Standing on the soggy bank of the rising river, he was offered a ride on the back of a snake who swam by and said he’d ferry the rat to the other side so he could escape to higher ground. Initially, the rat refused, claiming that the snake would likely bite the rat halfway across and eat him. The snake promised that he simply couldn’t take advantage of such a situation given the circumstances and that the rat would be safe with him. The rat climbed aboard the snake’s back, and off they went.

Halfway across the river, the snake turned around and sank his fangs into the rat. As he lay dying on the back of the snake, the rat asked the snake why he had done it.

“Because I’m a snake,” the snake replied. “It’s what I do.”

Terrorists are terrorists. Totalitarian radical Islamists are totalitarian radical Islamists. They do what they do. Grossly misguided human beings though they may be, the answer is clear. It’s ugly, it’s unfair, and innocents will die, as they always do in war.

The United States is responsible for the war on terror only in that we projected a weak foreign policy for so long. Our presence in Iraq is serving to further destabilize the Middle East only in that we are slashing at the tail of the snake: Iran.

Whether accomplished by the U.S., Israel or some other agency, the snake’s head must be cut off.

And soon – very soon.

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