Get ready. A massive new protest by illegal aliens and their supporters is being planned for Labor Day.

Indeed, it is being planned by one of the main organizations behind last spring’s massive rallies – Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, or the Brotherhood of Mexican Nationals, if you want to understand how these people see themselves.

You couldn’t help but be impressed by the sheer size of the previous rallies – which raises the question of how groups like Hermandad Mexicana Nacional do it.

Let me count the ways.

Once upon a time, the legal center of the Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, a group based in California, was under investigation by California Secretary of State Bill Jones for aiding possible voter fraud. In 1997, then-Orange County District Attorney Michael Capizzi also investigated the group for its role in registering non-citizens to vote in a contested congressional race between former Rep. Robert K. Dornan and Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

On top of that, the Internal Revenue Service also launched a probe of the group.

Yet, even while those investigations were continuing, taxpayer money continued to flow into the coffers of Hermandad. This is one of the dirty little secrets explaining how organizations like this organize huge rallies. It’s really quite simple: You pay for them!

Hermandad has received tens of millions of dollars directly from the California Department of Education, most of it indirectly from all U.S. taxpayers.


That’s a great question. Because Hermandad was founded as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization for the specific purpose of providing nonprofit, low-cost legal services to “undocumented immigrant workers and their families and other low-income families.”

So, what does organizing political rallies have to do with that purpose?

Again, good question.

The California Department of Education says it funneled more than $20 million of mostly federal funds to Hermandad to help pay for English classes for aliens who got amnesty under the 1986 “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan.” Now, of course, Hermandad is pushing for another amnesty bill because it’s good for business – but not so good for U.S. taxpayers.

By the way, the California Department of Education handed Hermandad much of this cash despite the fact that audits showed a number of “irregularities” in the group’s financial records. Among the irregularities found was one that showed the group owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal taxes and was behind on payroll and loan payments. So, even though the group got free money from the U.S. Treasury, it was delinquent in returning even a portion of that money it was legally bound to provide for payroll taxes.

An independent audit found that in 1995 and 1996, Hermandad did not record and reconcile its bank accounts, did not depreciate its fixed assets, incorrectly recorded certain revenue and expense accounts and did not reconcile salaries to payroll tax returns.

But that’s not even the biggest scandal surrounding Hermandad.

As noted, the group was the center of attention in an election-fraud scheme in the Dornan-Sanchez congressional race.

Dornan charged that Hermandad had registered non-citizens and illegal aliens before the race. There is evidence to suggest the English language and citizenship classes were actually used for political indoctrination and directed students on ways to subvert the law.

An investigation by the Los Angeles Times found that 30 percent of a sample group of voters registered through Hermandad were indeed noncitizens.

Yet, still the taxpayer cash flowed to the group.

It won’t surprise me to see another massive rally of illegal aliens and their supporters this Labor Day. After all, you already paid for it.

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