“This schism within the Democratic Party is the most interesting thing to happen in American politics in decades, because due to a system error, people have temporarily been allowed back into what had been a totally closed process. They’re working round the clock to fix the loophole, though, because the Emmanuels of the world know what’s coming if they don’t. The firing squad. And this time it won’t be in a circle.”

– Matt Taibbi, RollingStone.com Posted on August 23, 2006

The writer is referring to Rahm Emanuel, the chief fund-raiser for Congressional Democrats. You should also know this declaration of war was warmly embraced by The Daily Kos, the blog of record for Democrats. For the record, here’s what brought on the threat to shoot the Emmanuels of the world:


“Do I think they’re important? Yes. Do I think the [bloggers] and Al Sharpton alone are the future of the Democratic Party? No! Welcome in, contribute, but it’s about winning in November and moving the country forward, not about a firing squad in a circle.”

– Q&A with U.S. representative Rahm Emmanuel, Aug. 28 issue of New York magazine

Of course, those of us following the end of the Democrat Party as we know it, have been aware of the Dean-Emanuel uncivil war:


Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and the leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have clashed angrily in recent days in a dispute about how the party should spend its money in advance of this fall’s midterm elections.
Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), who is leading the party’s effort to regain majority status in the House, stormed out of Dean’s office several days ago leaving a trail of expletives, according to Democrats familiar with the session.

–Thomas B. Edsall, Washington Post, May 11, 2006.

So there it is. Dean vs. Rahm. The Netroots vs. The Democrat Leadership Council. A civil war is in full swing within the Democrat Party and, like all civil wars, it will be fought with great incivility.

You’d think this would dominate the news with the November elections just around the corner.

We all know Democrat Sen. Joe Lieberman has been thrown under the SUV by his party. Democrats, under the leadership of Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, have decided old line, so-called ”moderate” Democrats are no longer welcome.

The genesis of the split in the Democratic party may have occurred when Dean muscled his way into the chairmanship of the DNC when it was being vacated by Bill and Hillary’s bagman, Terry McAuliffe. Hillary, in one of the worst blunders by any politician in recent memory – a truly historic blunder – failed to get her guy elected chairman of the DNC and now she, Joe Lieberman and Rahm Emanuel are being pushed out of the party. More accurately stated, they are being blindfolded and forced to walk the plank.

You all know about Joe and Hillary, but this Rahm Emanuel guy is no slouch. Not only is Emanuel is chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he also has a relative of some note. Rep. Emanuel has a big-time, slam-dunk, direct line to Hollywood. Every Democrats’ dream, right? You thought Bill Clinton had friends in Hollywood? Not like Rahm. Rahm is hooked up like nobody else in politics. Rahm’s brother, Ari, is a principal partner in one of the most powerful talent agencies in Hollywood. Ari is known as the ”Steven Spielberg of television.” Rahm’s brother represents Conan O’Brien, Larry David, Michael Moore, Mark Wahlberg, Paris Hilton, Michael Douglas, Martin Scorsese, Ozzy Osbourne and many others. The Emanuels have solid gold liberal credentials. I’m talking Hall of Fame Democrats, here.

Anyway, Howard Dean’s taking over as chair of the DNC marked the end of the Democratic Party as we know it. The netroots wants nothing – and I mean nothing – to do with the likes of Rahm Emanuel. Howard Dean and his posse have rounded up the outlaws – you know, Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel – and are out to lynch them.

Either you are a proud and loud anti-war socialist, or you are out. More from Matt Taibbi:


The unspoken subtext of this increasingly bitter debate between the Democratic Party establishment and the supporters of people like Ned Lamont and Hillary Clinton’s antiwar challenger, Jonathan Tasini, is a referendum ordinary people have unexpectedly decided to hold on the kingmaker’s role of the holy trinity of the American political establishment – big business, the major political parties, and the commercial media.

And you thought the Democrats and the Antique Media were too liberal? Apparently, Howard Dean and his angry followers see the DLC, CBS, ABC and NBC as no better than poor ol’ Joe Lieberman. And that’s not good, because look how Matt treats ol’ Joe:


The surge in support for Lamont initially came from people motivated by two simple things – a desire to protest the war in Iraq, and physical revulsion before the wrinkled, vengeful persona of Joe Lieberman. But the party, in fighting back, attacked not on the issues but on the means of protest – blogs, grass-roots activism, Lamont’s independent wealth. In doing so it threw into relief the essential parameters of the problem, which is this; the Democratic Party has been operating for two decades without the active participation of its voters.

I’m telling you, Democrats, under the command of Howard “Take no prisoners!” Dean, are out for blood. Not from terrorists. Not from Republicans. And, not from me, Fox News or The Washington Times. The nutroots, I mean the netroots, have the DLC, Rahm Emanuel, Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton in their sights.

It would appear the Democrats have borrowed the words of that wise old philosopher Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Stay tuned.


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