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How the Bible came to be

Do you own a Bible?

Do you read the Bible?

Do you know the amazing story of how that Bible, by far the most popular book in the world, was banned, forbidden, burned?

Do you know how many people died – some of them burned at the stake – for simply translating it into the English language?

It’s a story every Christian should know, and now a new one-hour documentary makes it easy for you to learn about the incredible sacrifices made to disseminate what believers consider the Word of God.

It’s called “The Forbidden Book,” and it is more than the story of the English Bible. It covers the way the Bible was preserved in the original Hebrew and Greek languages, it introduces viewers to what is believed to be the very first above-ground church in the world, the important work of John Wycliffe and William Tyndale and, most of all, why so many Christians died horrible deaths to translate and publish it.

It’s a powerful story – one you will want to share with your children, grandchildren, other family members, friends and your church.

“The Forbidden Book” is now available in WND’s online store, ShopNetDaily.