What threat would be sufficient for the country as a whole to finally come together and present a united front? Will it take another 9/11? We all remember the day the president stood on the pile of rumble once known as the World Trade Center and addressed the nation. We were ready to do whatever it took to punish the attackers and send a signal to the world that we would not sit back and allow anyone or any government to threaten our safety. So much has changed in five years.

Of course, those five years have been chock full of relentless criticism of the leader of the free world. Thousands of news stories on how he is a liar and a warmonger. How he lives to destroy everything – from our all volunteer Army to the environment. How he conspired to out CIA operative Valerie Plame for a negative report her husband brought back from Niger. How he ”proved” to be a racist leader when he ignored the plight of the underprivileged in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. How he was set on removing Saddam Hussein before he even started his run for the White House. The leader who allowed Korans to be flushed down toilets at Gitmo and allowed ”torture” at Abu Ghraib. Shall I go on?

Only one problem with all of this. All we know about Bush has been run through a media filter that hates him and hates this country. Good, I said it and I mean it. The media is, without question, unpatriotic and every day more and more Americans know it to be the case. Yet, while the media and the liberal left do all they can to undermine the president and this administration, there is a real and present danger. A movement that thrives on death. They will stop at nothing to force submission to their religion.

Members of the media recently got a taste of their futures if this movement is successful. Steve Centanni and his cameraman were given a choice. Confess Allah as god or die. And yet the left claims Bush and Rumsfeld are the enemy, not the Islamic fascists that kill. I have no clue why the media are doing what they are doing, although I have my suspicions. There’s one thing I know for sure; they are playing a very dangerous game.

For more than a year, Chris Matthews began his MSNBC program ”Hardball” each night with the latest on the ”Plame Gate” conspiracy. How the president and the vice president conspired to out Valerie Plame in order to punish her husband Joe Wilson. Only one problem Chris: There was no conspiracy. It is now known that Richard Armitage inadvertently leaked the name to Novak and the administration was never involved with a plot. That is why Fitzgerald never indicted Karl Rove or even Scooter Libby for the crime. Libby was indicted for lying and that is yet to be proven. Fitzgerald knew within months that Armitage was their guy, yet the investigation went on for two years. Matthews continued to do all he could to undermine the president and suggest that he lied to further his warmongering. He continued on this rant while 140,000 U.S. troops were in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why? Even if the president had been guilty, what was Matthews trying to accomplish? I think you know the answer. He hates the president and the country. By the way, I have yet to hear Matthews apologize for getting the story wrong or costing Libby, Rove and the others millions in legal bills.

What about the media reports that U.S. soldiers at Gitmo were flushing Korans down toilets? The Arab community was in full outrage. The president was relentlessly attacked about allowing it to happen. Only one problem again. There was never a single Koran flushed. Michael Isikoff, Mr. patriotic American, got the story wrong. Again, no apology for the damage done.

And now the most recent media distortion came during the reporting of the Israeli-Hezbollah war. Countless photos were taken and then doctored to promote utter lies to the American people. Yet apparently the American people still want to believe the media and not the president. President Bush says Iraq is a major front in the war on terror. The media says that is another lie. They take a poll and the poll shows less Americans believe Iraq is fighting the war on terror. Overnight the media is believed and they start up again with the ”Bush is lying” rhetoric. Funny how the truth of the rampant terrorism in Iraq they show on their own newscasts doesn’t get in their way.

The other night was the final straw for me as I watched Alan Colmes suggest that Iran’s Ahmadinejad should be assumed honest until they find him to be otherwise. The IAEA inspectors can’t verify whether or not his country is pursuing a nuclear weapon, so Alan wants to believe a man who has called the Holocaust a hoax and wants to wipe Israel off of the Earth. A man who leads a country whose budget has a line item for terrorism. A country that has spent hundreds of millions funding terrorist activities around the world. A country that took America hostage in 1979. Alan wants to believe Ahmadinejad before he believes President Bush. This is getting pretty sick in my book. In Alan’s mind Saddam was contained, Ahmadinejad is a fine fella and the only bad guys in this world are George Bush, Rummy and a hand full of bad American soldiers who sit in the brig in Pendleton awaiting trial for murder. Why? Because a ”truth-teller,” a journalist from Time magazine, reported our soldiers dragged an innocent Iraqi civilian into the streets and killed him in cold blood. Must be true. Time magazine said so. Of course, Time also said the world may come to an end soon if one of those nasty black holes swallow planet Earth. You know how the truth works don’t you? If it is in print it must be real.

As I asked earlier, is there anything or anyone who presents enough of a threat, other than George Bush, that America should collectively challenge? Yes. I say it’s the media themselves. They are now in the business of shaping public opinion and not reporting the news. Journalists no longer journal the events. They offer their opinions on events. Will Osama bin Laden have to attack the U.S. again with even more horrific results before we take his threat seriously or do we believe the media that Bush is way more dangerous? Will we wake up when Iran has nukes and Tel Aviv is attacked or will we still listen to the media reports that Israel deserves to be attacked as payment for years of ”harsh Israeli occupation?”

Mr. Bush, I have made a decision to believe you. Not because I approve of all you have done or how you have handled all of your responsibilities. But because I believe you have the best interest of this country at heart when it comes to terrorism. You see Mr. President, you say terrorists present the greatest threat of our day and I completely agree. Terrorists live to undermine the confidence the American people have in our safety. The media lives to undermine the confidence the American people have in their leader. To me, both are equally dangerous. Our unpatriotic media is so bent on your demise they are willing to fight everything or anything you do or say. I remember 9/11, Mr. President and I for one want you to defeat the terrorists and keep us safe. For in doing so you will silence your critics who care more about power than truth. I know that is not your motivation but that will be the result. Good always triumphs over evil when men take a stand and do what is right.

Make no mistake about it. We are in a battle for the free world. I don’t care what MSNBC or Time magazine say. Our future will be Sharia law or Democratic law depending on how we handle it. The war is on. We have been attacked on multiple occasions. Our enemy will not stop until we submit or we are dead. So what will it take for you to stop listening to unpatriotic haters of this country and rally behind the cause of freedom? The enemy has made its intentions clear. Their press will not undermine their leaders. Will we continue to allow our media to undermine ours?

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