E-mailer Mike Burns begins his missive by quoting a highly credible source – me.

“When you get right down to the bottom line, you (the evolutionists) can’t prove your ideas any more than the creationist can.”

Burns responds: “I believed this once upon a time. But what I’ve read about the Green River Formation and its distinctive varve formations (which wreck the Genesis literal timeline and dispel the notion of a worldwide flood), and about the “plagiarized errors” argument in reference to “junk DNA” in the genomes of man and his higher primate relatives (which proves common descent among all of us) – all these have made me think otherwise. I’ve gone and debated these points online with some real creationist pros, and they’ve not been able to shoot down these arguments. Consequently, I think this is “a case of religious people being in conflict with ‘science.'”

To which I would reply: “You can THINK anything you want. But I have a problem with evolutionists who think it is their duty to make everyone else think like them. It concerns me that we have permitted these people to force their religious ideas about the origins of man upon the rest of us by calling it ‘science.'”

Burns continues: “You seem also to think that the problem lies with people who ‘have no problem forcing that religious worldview (evolution) down the throats of people whose faith does conflict with their theories.’ But what would YOU have us do? You would mandate the teaching of intelligent design. I take it ID reflects YOUR worldview. You would have that taught to everybody, INCLUDING students who have already decided they believe in evolution. Dollars to a hole in a donut that, if you got your way, and got ID in the classroom, next you’d be searching for a way to ease evolution OUT of the classroom.”

To which I reply: “No, Mr. Burns. You’ve got it all wrong. I don’t mandate anyone be forced to learn about Intelligent Design. I don’t even believe in compulsory education. Nor do I believe the government should be involved in education. These are precisely the conundrums we face when we decide it is the government’s job to rear our children and to decide what they need to know and what they need to believe. This is a fairly recent development in American history. And the results are predictable – kids know less than they have ever known and generations are morally bankrupt. They don’t even know anything important about evolution! I guess you could say this is silver lining beneath the dark cloud of government schooling.”

In conclusion, Burns writes: “Without directly saying it, you … clearly imply that evolution-believing Jews and Christians are ‘pagans.'”

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately. Here’s my answer: Yes. I would have to say that if people who call themselves “Christians” and “Jews” but who deny the essence of the Bible, they are actually pagans.

You see, the Creation story in the Bible is not a story you can just separate from the rest of the Bible. It is the foundation for the entire Bible. Without Creation, the rest of the Bible makes no sense whatsoever. There is no sin without Creation. There is no need for redemption without the fall. If death had already entered into the world millions of years before man, God is deceiving us in the Bible. If evolution could be proved, I would have to stop believing in the God of the Bible. In short, if God lied about Creation, why should we believe anything else He has to say?

I know there are many people who call themselves “believers” who embrace evolution. I just don’t see how the Bible and evolution can be reconciled.

Again, who is it that is forcing their religion down the throats of others? Is it Christians who are doing this? Or is it the religion of secular humanism – a new name for paganism – that is doing this?

I look around and see a state religion that is intolerant of divergent worldviews, intolerant of other beliefs, intolerant of dissent. It is using the state school systems to indoctrinate children into the official religion – all the while accusing others of doing precisely what it is doing.

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